Argos home opener almost sold out.

I wonder if they will open the upper Deck on the East side. It looks like the game is almost sold out.

Just a few tickets here and there left.

Are they giving away “Raptors 2019 NBA Champions” shirts?

Is there anything from the team/league indicatingthe game is nearly sold out?

I take the Ticketmaster online inventory with a grain of salt. Granted the west side, upper and lower show singles only and not many of them. One would think they would add extra sooner.

Edit: They’re doing a Darel Walker bobblehead giveaway. Maybe the Raptors with the trophy will be in the house… first MLSE event since the win.

Agreed that I would take ticketmaster with a grain of salt, but it looks like there are less than a couple dozen tickets available. It would be nice if they would have a couple thousand walk up on Saturday. I am hoping to be there, as long I am not wiped after Thursday game in Ottawa.

Well I would hope so. Short drive for both fan bases, the Tabbies coming off of a win against the big bad West in week one, with a chance to spoil their rival’s home opener? Should be bonkers.

Hamilton factor is huge … have to see how the crowd support splits … if heavily Ti-Cats then it is one game of good news.

The last home opener with the Ti-Cats in town in 2017 did 13K and change, so a legitimate sellout (between 19-20K) based on the configuration would be more than just Hamilton fans IMO, though their contingent will still be noticable.

Hamilton visits last year did 15K (Saturday afternoon) and 14K (Friday evening) so anything above 18K will be a significant improvement.

Lots of Hamiltonians heading to the Arkells concert that night across the street will stop and use the game as a little pre concert entertainment.

General sports enthusiasm in the air, with the Raptors taking care of business. Should be a great time. Festive atmosphere.

Great News! Keep it going thru the season Argo’s!

Looking at Ticketmaster this morning they’ve added inventory in almost all sections. Granted most are ‘light blue’ so not a sellout but we’ll see how quickly they move.

The weather isn’t looking very encouraging, but based on advanced ticket sales there’s a very good chance BMO Field will be close to capacity.

22° and sunny, with a 0% chance of rain. Weather forecasts look great.


Idealsheldon - are you the person that said the weather is not looking good without checking?

Prices for tickets are so reasonable nothing holding this back from a sell out .

Argos fans maybe going thru a hard time with fan atmosphere but the improved prices at BMO and in Montreal it’s a economical night out for football .

Bought some tickets for another game and the experience with customer service was excellent .

Will be disappointed if I tune in and see lot’s of empty seats .

I was just the messenger, posted what Zicarelli wrote in the Sun.
Just as an aside, I’ m in Mtl. but have a cousin in Tor. who works for Environment Canada as a meteorologist.
Probably flips a coin in the morning - heads it’s going to rain, tails it’ll be sunny.

My Dad had a theory about meteorologists in Ottawa … he felt they must have failed in at least three other Canadian cities.

What’s the temp in impirical units?

I couldn’t help but notice that at least the copies of the Toronto Sun delivered in the Hamilton area ThursdayWednesday morning had an ad wrap that looked like this on the cover and inside page of the ad wrap.–hmXJXRBEAc4Uez_vS_LjWpogVjyMFLHc95rskig1xsMBAIPSAA&_nc_oc=AQk3c03b1n1C7Fchvd3sVRHaSxT4bcShCZ8NagbFf2A19y6M36xcGzkKJIonwS93oHU&_nc_ht=scontent-yyz1-1.xx&oh=18d3b84f65f97b06ec6db74fd907967e&oe=5D8E27BF