Argos hold off Ticats' comeback attempt to win on Friday

HAMILTON — Chad Kelly and the Toronto Argonauts seem to always find another gear in the fourth quarter.

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QB Kelly is establishing himself with a high pass completion % & rating.Further he has a unique grittiness to his game and is capable of scoring on QB sneaks. All in all an impressive 5-0 start by the well coaxhed Dinwiddie squad

Argos will pillage and plunder everyplace in Canada and we have to sacrifice one to two things.

What is everyone sacrifice so the Argos don’t wipe you out.

This may not be quite on topic for this article - BUT how do we complain about the CFL play by play announcers? I’m tired of the repeated rhetoric and comments that don’t follow the game or interfere with the play on the field. plus they are sounding more and more like American announcers - they do not contribute to the game at all.

That ships gonna sink sooner or later, and it will be glorious when it does.

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Kelly is angry. Maybe more QBs should play angry.

I wish they did sound more like American announcers.
But if you don’t like it complain to TSN, the own the broadcasts

Hamilton Qb played ok their o line is terrible

The kid did alright.

Except Powell left a lot running lanes open, where he could have pulled it down and took off a la Dustin Crum. Argos were not blitzing him much. He will study the film and learn.

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This ship has a pretty strong hull. Not a lot of weaknesses. Cats though seem to be tending downward - again. BLM isn’t the answer. Maybe a change at the top is

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Powell did well for his first CFL start. Not Zuger-like but then Joe Zuger had an actual team around him. One player does not make a team.

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Ticats secondary, defensive line, receivers and coaching are horrible! The only teams that they can can beat are the Elks and Redblacks. OC playing calling is terrible and also head coach decision making are not good. They both should be fired!!! They need 20 yards for first down, they throw for 10 yards or less. Secondary left receivers wide open. This team is not going anywhere this year! Maybe better luck next year!!!

Joe Zuger threw 8 touchdown passes in his first game but he didn’t play the full game and he had one less receiver in those days. Joe was a defensive back, a record-holding punter, and a good quarterback as good as some Hall of Famers.

And I was present !! It was 15 October 1962, I was all of 9 years old, my father and maternal grandfather brought to me to Civic stadium to witness that. I believe those 8 TD passes remains a CFL record.

I know Garney Henley and Hal Patterson caught some of the 8 TDs, not sure who else (Tommy Grant maybe).

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I remember watching the game. Can’t recall all the details now so google helps. Apparently a ninth touchdown called back on a holding penalty. Joe Zuger said that the 67 team was the best team he was on. Can’t argue with him on that. Now out to B.C. to see if Dane grts some playing time

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Let’s hope the hall of fame committee wakes up soon.


To mikem -

Listening to American announcers doing the play by play for the CFL is like listening to Canadian country singers with the southern drawl - when you know they have never been further south than Bracebridge! Both sound phoney and ridiculous - neither represents reality and they do harm to those who can do it better.

You mean like that Josh Ross guy?
Or as ridiculous as British bands like the Beatles singing with American accents?
Give me Matt Dunigan, Milt Stegall, Sanchez etc the best voices on TSN and I would take most American play-by-play guys.
Just like I would take any US football player, without them we don’t have a CFL
I bet you would run and hide if Pinball Clemons who is from Florida was giving a talk

There is nothing about any American that would make anyone feel the need to run from. I would rather invest in Canadian talent and not depend on American imports. I believe that Canada can exist very well without them. To develop Canadian players would likely mean people would need to financially support our universities a bit more - but that too would no doubt displease you. You would rather listen to Americans because they come for free. BTW, the Beatles never sang any song with an American accent - they just didn’t sing with a British accent - good grief, there is a difference you know!