Argos Hire DC

The Canadian Press

January 21, 2009 at 1:39 PM EST

TORONTO — Peter Kuharchek has some catching up to do.

Kuharchek was named the defensive co-ordinator of the Toronto Argonauts Wednesday by head coach Bart Andrus, who was hired by the CFL club less than a week ago. Kuharchek comes to Toronto with nearly 40 years of coaching experience in the NCAA, USFL, NFL Europe and Arena Football League.

Kuharchek, 61, also has CFL coaching experience, serving as a linebackers coach with the B.C. Lions in 1990 and working with the Montreal Alouettes two years ago in training camp. However, he readily admits he's going to have to brush up on the nuances of Canadian football.

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That's a HC and DC with virtually zero CFL experience between them. It's not looking good for the guys in blue. I would've been happier to see a replacement for OC Steve Burrato.

Kerry Joseph actually played safety for Kuharchek in the AFL as did Jordan Younger.

An Argo-Cat fan

A lot of changes to be sure. New coach, new DC, new personnel, and rumours running rampant about Pinner possibly moving from his CEO post. Definitely a year of transition for the Double Blue.

Sounds exactly what happened when Taffe was hired.

Let's hope so. :lol:

yep I like Ed O’Neil just was too much of learning Curve

Toronto will have Same Problems

i love this! the guy only has one year of CFL experience and that was 18 years ago. :smiley:

C'mon, he was at the Alouettes training camp two years ago... He must have learned a lot.

:P :P :P :thup:

lol yea was that when Jim Popp was the head coach? oh yea he must have learned A TON ! :thup:

EXACTLY. :twisted:

Let's just wait and see. It's not that I won't revel if the Argos tank and look completely hopeless...but I want to see it first before I cheer about it.

As long as the new coaches, no matter who they are, can get the Argos to play with discipline, improve their tackling & blocking, they will improve. Enough to make the playoffs? Not sure.

It's going to take more than good coaching to turn the Argos around. For the past few years they have had a terrible offense, and relied on a stellar defense and strong special teams to win games. Last year, the defense finally slowed down and fell apart, and the wins became hard to come by. I'm afraid it's their turn to start the rebuilding process.