Argo's headed for first place in the east

Do you get the feeling the Argo's are going to get first place in the next few weeks.

....ho ho ho....after the Bombers next few games....the BigBlue should have 1st place salted away.........nice try my son..... :lol:

Dad your just way to quick! Playing santa already hey!

Second for sure first doubtful

winnipeg definetly first

I'm more concerned about the Argos hosting the East Semi than finishing first. The home-at-home with the Als starting next week will be a test for sure. If we can get a split (remember, the game in Montréal is at "The Big Uh-Oh"), then we might get a home playoff game.

Yeah we should be able to take Calgary both times...and ill bet that Montreal can pull it off against TO.

1st place Bombers.'s this for a quick reply...(only 1 day late)...yes i am warming up for the yuletide season...and by-the-way what did you do with my big red suit....and NO ...not the one with the galloping horse emblem on it.....the one with fur cuffs .... :lol: :roll:

winnipeg = ottawa senators = big-time choke artists

I guess we'll find out in the next 4 games now.

Im an als fan and Id gladly take that bet this team will not play for Popp and it would not surprise me in the least if the players start throwing games just to get him fired

I think the Bombers will retain 1st

Senators are known for their regular season success. Bombers aren't. Not a fair comparison.

Hey jman...thanks for reducing your sig.

Yeah, its nothing.

Is Burris going to be back for those two games against Winnipeg?? I hope he is.

Hopefully now that the Bombers only have a 3 point lead, they start to play some better football. I actually think it will be a close finish. If both teams split their double headers, that will only leave 2 games for TO to make up 4 points.

I would say that any enthusiasm for the argos should be tempered by the totally pathetic offense showing this week. If Ray had played, esks win. Argo offense better shape up

You always wear the one with the horse!

It sure looks like it but I think we will do fine with Smith for now.