Argos Head Coach?

Leos' Benevides pondering his path

Defensive coach considering taking
next step up the CFL career ladder

Lowell Ullrich, The Province
Published: Wednesday, December 24, 2008


A month of talks and cross-country return flights

has left the defensive co-ordinator of the Lions [Mike Benevides]

pondering whether to take the offer presented to him by the Argonauts,

with a decision very likely to be known in a matter of days either way.

It's a done deal. So says Marty.


He is even boosting about his prediction being right
before his prediction has been proven to be right!


Oh, and besides.. Hamilton bound

Veteran CFL linebacker Otis Floyd, released recently by the B.C. Lions,

will sign as a free agent this week with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats,

sources have told Metro sports columnist Marty York.

The link doesn't work for me. Can you please copy and paste the whole York story into this thread? Thanks.

Would this mean that we may have further competition for Greg Marshall?

The B.C. Lions, for instance, blackandgld?

For one in two

This is the part of marty's column pertaining to Mike Benevides.

[The colour I have chosen may turn out to be appropriate
but I have a feeling that mighty Marty may be right this time.]

A Toronto native is the Argonauts’ newest head coach, sources have told Metro.

According to the sources, including one at CFL headquarters, Mike Benevides
has all but officially dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s on a contract with the Argos

and will be introduced as their coach at a media conference either this week or next.

“It’s essentially a done deal and it’s just a matter now of choosing
the best possible time to announce it,? one of the sources said.

“They (the Argos) are looking for maximum media exposure
so they’ll probably wait till the holidays are over.

But it’s safe to report that Mike will be coaching in Toronto in 2009.?

Regular Metro readers won’t be surprised.

It was reported first in this space on Nov. 12
that Benevides would be offered the Argos’ job

if Michael (Pinball) Clemons rejected ownership’s wish for him
to leave the club’s presidential office and return as coach.

Clemons decided against a coaching comeback and so club management
prepared a list of coaching candidates, with Benevides right at the top of it.

For the past nine seasons, Benevides has been an assistant coach in the CFL.

Last season, he was the B.C. Lions’ defensive co-ordinator
and his unit excelled, with seven Western all-stars.

Benevides will be the Argos’ first Canadian head coach
since Hall of Famer Russ Jackson in 1976.

Sources suggest Benevides is highly touted by Argos co-owner David Cynamon.

Both studied business at York University.

What I don't get is, if Benevides was, according to the article "right at the top" of their coaching list, why is he the THIRD one to be interviewed and why wasn't he hired weeks ago

I don't blame them for checking this fellow out
thoroughly with several interviews, HalfTheDistance.

On paper, his qualifications, coaching special teams and linebacking
and one year as DC with the BC Lions, don't scream out.. Head Coach!

You’re bang on ron. I have also wondered why all of a sudden after just one year as a DC Benevides suddenly leaped to the head of the queue and became such a hot head coaching prospect, getting interviews in both Edmonton and Toronto. Was BC’s defence this past season markedly improved over the defence run there the past several years by Dave Ritchie? I don’t think so.

I saw on Sportsnet Connected on TV that Benevides has rejected the Argos to stay with the Lions.

Here is a reference to that on TSN

There will not be any changes to the B.C. Lions coaching staff for 2009.

CKNW has learned that defensive co-ordinator
Mike Benevides has told general manager Wally Buono

he intends to stay put and has no interest
in the Toronto Argonauts head coaching vacancy.

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FAN590 also reporting this morning that Benevides has snubbed the Blue Team.

Any bets on Pinball "not" taking the gig

The list of coaches who do not want the Argo HC job continues to grow. It is telling me something when the Argos are rejected by a Toronto native who is young & seeking his first HC job, that something stinks in Argo land. While Winnipeg & Hamilton were decisive in hiring their coachs & allowing them to start to fix problems, the Argos are frittering away the offseason.

As a huge Argo fan, this concerns me about the front office that is in charge of making decisions. I want to be optimistic about the upcoming season, but I can honestly say the Detroit Lions may have company after the 2009 CFL season is complete.

At this rate, Rita or Mohns may have to be HC.

I wonder how much of a factor Pinball has been in the inability to find a head coach.
The team may be paying the price for last season when Pinball foisted Kerry Joseph on Stubler. Who the heck would want to be the HC when this sort of thing happens?

Here is Mike Benevides side of the story.

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A couple of quotes from the article above.

"It's pretty short and sweet for me," Benevides said Monday when asked why he turned down the Argos job.

"I became big fans of their ownership, but it basically came
down to feeling like the time and place is still here for us."

....Benevides was wrestling with the decision since before Christmas
and discussed the situation several times by phone with Buono.
"You try to weigh what's in front of you instead of what's behind you," Benevides said then.

"Being a head coach doesn't define me."

I don't think he felt he was ready for his first Head Coaching job
under the pressure and the spotloight of the Toronto media

Good decision for him.

Smart decision indeed. Now I don't know if the Argonauts are a complete front office mess right now or not and what is going on, but as much as people say the CFL doesn't matter in Southern Ontario as some out there say, it DOES matter when all is said and done.

Dan Ralph from Canadian Press was a guest on Bob McCown's Prime Time Sports show about 25 minutes ago. He had just finished a ten minute telephone conversation with Mike Benevides who told him that he had taken himself out of the running for the Argo head coaching job primarily because he has two young daughters and he and his wife did not want to uproot them from their settled life in B.C. at this time. McCown probed as to whether there were other reasons for not pursuing the Argo job. Ralph said Benevides spent 8 out of the 10 minutes of their conversation talking about his family and seemed sincere about that as the reason for removing himself from the Argo short list.

McCown and Ralph both agreed however that it difficult to know who is directing the Argo head coaching search and that the new head coach will be "behind the 8-ball" if the Argos wait another two weeks as most of the experienced CFL assistant coaches will be gone by then and player personnel decisions are already being made by other CFL teams.

When an asst coach turns down a chance at a HC job in an 8 team league, it says a lot about the sad situation in Toronto. He obviously saw things in Argo-land that he believed would hinder him from winning. If the Cats can have any kind of half decent season, they should be able to take the 3rd playoff spot in the East (barring a cross over team from the West).

An Argo-Cat fan

hey why the f is the argos head coach a topic on ticats forum-move it.