Argos have traded veteran quarterback Michael Bishop to ride

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TORONTO — So much for the Toronto Argonauts' quarterback controversy.

A CFL source requesting anonymity told The Canadian Press on Saturday that the Argos have traded veteran quarterback Michael Bishop to the Saskatchewan Roughriders.

What the Argos get in return wasn't immediately known.

Bishop, 32, is in his seventh season with the Argos but has played sparingly this season behind starter Kerry Joseph. The six-foot-two, 223-pound Bishop has completed just 19-of-42 passes this season for 326 yards with three touchdowns and an interception.

The trade ends the Argos' patience with Bishop, who for years appeared on the cusp of being capable of being the club's starter, only to revert back to relying too heavily on his strong right arm making poor decisions throwing the football.

Bishop, a Heisman Trophy finalist his final season at Kansas State, wrested the starting job from veteran Damon Allen to start last year and appeared to round the corner in terms of his development as a capable CFL starter. But he sustained an early-season wrist injury that forced him to miss a good chunk of the campaign.

When Bishop returned, he began reverting back to making bad decisions throwing the ball. However, he did amass an 11-1 record as the Argos starter and led the club to an 11-7-0 record to finish first in the East Division.

However, Bishop struggled in his first-ever CFL playoff game as a starter, completing 21-of-45 passes for 376 yards in Toronto's 19-9 home loss to Winnipeg in the East Division final.

Still, the expectation during the off-season was that Bishop would be in the mix for the Argos' starting job come training camp. But that all changed when Toronto acquired Joseph, the '07 CFL outstanding player, in a blockbuster trade with the Grey Cup-champion Roughriders

OMG!! Michael Bishop!! I think I'm going to vomit! I can't imagine what we traded for him. Anything more than a bag of dirty jock straps is too much. What use is a QB trade in the middle of the season?

Uhm, it's of good use when you have one not performing, one with cracked ribs who may or may not be ready to play, and one who is far too inexperienced to carry the team. The Riders need someone more than the QB trio they have now to carry them through the season. Whether or not Bishop is the guy...who knows?

not sure what to think about this trade. with out knowing what we gave up. also that was my first post so. HI

How come no one knows what the Riders gave up? Is Tillman afraid he’ll get assassinated? lol! I like the trade, but who did we give up?

well why not MC has won one game keep DD use Bishop till he matures I was in Edmonton and sure there was some dropped passes butthe guy looked horrible

Riders gave up a conditional draft pick, determined, probably by how many games Bishop plays. I am surprized to say the least. Maybe this is the end for Crandell?

has to be the end of Crandell UNLESS Jyles was actually hurt worse than was first thought and Durant is a few more weeks away. Just a thought. Although if Crandell is released this week, we are not on the hook for his salary for the rest of the year.

Crandell wont be let go this week. There is no way MB would be able to pick up the offensive package in just over one week and be ready to start. Still don't have anyone who can catch a ball for him so it wouldn't really matter anyways. I really hope that this doesn't mean that DD is pushed back to 3rd string, I really feel like he is starting quality, and to be perfectly honest I don't want another 30 y/o QB. Why can't we just get out young guy some experience let him flourish as it looked like he was doing sign him to a long term deal and FINNALLY HAVE CONSISTENT quarterbacking for the first time since Austin was the QB here.

That is about the only thing that makes sense to me, BigU. If Jyles s seriously injured, maybe we need a QB. But Tate will be off the 9-game soon, we have Freihauf, some other guy hanging around town, and supposedly ET was bringing in some NFL cuts to look at. we are hip deep in QBs. We hardly need a might have been like Bishop. Except that if Jyles is hurt, that leaves us thin in experience. Durant likely won't be ready Labour Day, if Jyles is out, we would have just Crandel and Freihauf next week....
And who knows--maybe a change of scenery is what Bishop has needed for the last 7 years....

Bishop went 10 and 1 as a starter last year. Including playing a great game here to hand us a loss. He has a cannon for an arm. He has played for Miller and Lapolice before.

Seems like a good move to me

As a Bishop fan I am glad to see him go to an organization that will treat him with respect. He has not looked good this year due to a lot of behind the scenes turmoil.

If he is able to get some playing time, it will be interesting to see what he can do under a good offensive system...something the Argos have lacked during his stay there.

new pic below

Kornegay's not gonna be happy :lol:...unless someone relinquishes their number, which could happen, Bishop will be stuck with 11 or 13, most likely...maybe 24...

Crandell may or may not be the person to take us back the GC game, but I dont think that Bishop is the guy either to lead us to championship either. Its why I wonder what Tillman is thinking about with this trade. ET must have called up Rita and said " if you want to get rid of your QB controversy, we'll take Bishop off your hands!".. and Rita obliged...

ok let's not go all hairy canary here,having depth at the qb position is never a bad thing. and if no one knows who we gave up is it not safe to say it is the" player to be named later"? this is win win book it!!!

hell I think we got Bishop for a pretty good deal if hes good…then good if not than were right back where we started I mean the draft pick is for 2011 im sure we could have just givin the argos a IOU and they would have handed Bishop over maybe this is what he needs I am dissapointed Durant wont be starting and im thinking bye bye MC hammy

Well we only gave up a conditional pick and I am sure that the conditions have to do with starts or dressing games. Will be interesting to see what happens, Riders sure don't have alot of picks in the draft next year that is forsure.

I am hoping the reasons are that Jyles is hurt, but who knows what the Red Devil has been scheming.

I will re-iterate one more time DD needs to be starting.

Im not really a Bishop fan.

I am not much of a Bishop fan either. And i'm not sure why the Argos wouldn't try to get MC from us so cover their back up spot. (maybe they tried, who am I to say...)