ARGOS, have the WORST CFL...sched....

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At least for the a coach...and for the players. :shock:

And AVERY will not be playing.

That’s a big advantage for the Argos.

Whatever... Ottawa played the 3 best teams in the league back to back so stop your whining.

Hellothere is already preparing his excuse for an upcoming 2-2 record! :wink:

When the 10th team comes, the schedulars will be better.


Wpg’s first six

  1. Sask
  2. Edm
  3. Mont

Give me a break about a tough sch…

But that’s a different story, WinnerPegger. You could list Winnipeg’s complete schedule. They’re no match for anyone. So, yeah, it’ll look though no matter in what order they meet everyone. Good for them, they have two Bye weeks where they can’t lose.

Granted: Not an easy ride !

I don't see it as a big deal. Every team plays every other team at least twice. Personally, I don't care who we play or when we play them - we have to get up for EVERY game, regardless of who the opponent is or what their skill level is.

Hey Third,

What Was Calgary's record last year. And when was the last time you guy's made the playoffs.

I can sure tell you calgary ain't any better off then Winnipeg. Dummy up.

By the way what is Calgary's record this year so far. You guy's just squeezed by Wpg, and you spent all that cash on Burris and Copeland at least we are not blowing money away over here. then again we don't have a Billionair owner either.

keep talking...

I've gotta agree with jm02 here, if you get all the "hard" games out of the way, then you should win out to end the season, right? Besides, the Argos had to play BC twice, the Riders and the Stamps once each in between BC. They're not easy games sure, but what's the big deal?

But wouldn't it be logical to let more time flows between two teams meet for the second time? Is it normal that Wininpeg and Edmonton, or BC and Toronto meet twice in four games (or in three games, in BC's case)

You should let teams evolve (or regress, for that matter) before they get a second try at one another. Maybe Winnipeg could get something going eventualy this season. But I doubt two weeks were enough for them to find a way to beat the Eskimos that just smashed them recently.

I didn’t relieze that I wrote this article :lol:

And if they beat B.C…they must be good , EH? :wink:


........hahaha........hey 3/10, you're a Stmapeder fan now according to 'pegger.........

.........hey 'pegger, I'M the stamp fan, and yes we are better than your team, get used to it........although I truly hope you guys can somehow find a way to win against the EEs........

I just posted the article. :lol: I didn’t write it. :lol:

Also for the record we played Edm twice in pre season. That four times in how many weeks, not the best way for a young team to gain confidence…

Sorry to third if I got you mixed up… But my point still stands. Calgary will not make the playoffs again…

.........betcha we do before the bombers.......

.........I think what hello was trying to point out here is that there is a very tight turnaround on games played by Toronto for one section of the schedule.....and I totally agree, when I saw this part of the sched I too thought wow, that's pretty wicked........