Argos have sold almost 45 000 for East final so far****

Perhaps the biggest advantage of playing your home playoff games in a domed stadium, like the Rogers Centre, is that when you cram thirty or forty thousand people into an indoor facility, it gets loud…really, really loud! In fact, when more than 40,000 Argo faithful pack the Rogers Centre on Sunday November 20, one can be rest assured that crowd noise will be a larger contributing factor to an Argo victory than one would expect. As an Argo fan for many years, let me take you back to the last time the Argonauts hosted an East Division Championship.

The year was 1997 and the Argos had just completed their second straight regular season as the CFL’s elite club, posting 15-3 records in both seasons. The air outside was crisp, the wind was strong and there was a buzz around the stadium. In the mind of a Canadian football fan, those variables only result in one thing: Road to the Grey Cup.

That year, the Argonauts were playing host to division rival Montreal Alouettes in the East Division Final, with the winner earning a trip to Edmonton to play Saskatchewan in the Grey Cup. The Argos were undoubtedly the favorites, but the Alouettes had been playing their best football of the season heading into the playoffs. The Als strong late season drive assured that if the Argos wanted to repeat as champions, they would not achieve it without a fight.

One could tell just by looking at the crowd that afternoon that the stadium was going to be boisterous. That assumption was confirmed when the announced crowd of 32,085 roared when running back Robert Drummond plunged over the goal line for the first Argo major and a six-point lead.

The teams traded scores back and fourth throughout the entire contest and as the game intensified, the crowd seemed to get louder and louder. The Argo defence, led by Adrion Smith, responded to the support of the crowd by shutting out the Alouettes in the fourth quarter and set the stage for one of the most memorable moments in Argo history.

With the game tied at thirty-a-piece, legendary QB Doug Flutie hit RB Mike “Pinball� Clemons over the middle with forty seconds left in the contest. Clemons broke a tackle, dodged two more, and raced 58-yards to the endzone to win the game.

The crowd erupted, jumping in the air, screaming at the top of their lungs and hugging each other with joy. They did so knowing one thing; the Argos were going to the Grey Cup.

When the final whistle sounded, the game’s hero, Michael Clemons, leaped into the crowd to hug wife Dianne and rejoiced with several fans. Pinball and his entire team raised their helmets in the air in salute of the 30,000 plus Argo supporters who cheered them to victory.

The players saluted the loyal fans once more two weeks later at their Grey Cup parade after capturing the 1997 Grey Cup.

how many do u think will make it out to the game?

i dont know...but this is hinting they have sold 40 000, with 2 weeks to go.

i dont think they woulda wrote an article mentioning 40 000, only to have 30 000 there...that would be embaressing

While speaking to Keith Pelley this weekend in Ottawa, he would not divulge or be specific, but a sellout which is 54,000 was not rulled out. He did tell me how the tarps in the 200 section with the team logos and just below the jumbotron would stay. They would not sell these tickets..... at least without a demand.

well…they got 2 weeks to sell 14 000 more seats…a win in ottawa woulda been better publicity than a loss…defending Grey-Cup champs with 4 wins in a row going into playoffs, hosting east finals…

instead they lost and barely got a mention in the papers.

Montreal made the same mistake…winning is good for ticket sales.

Thanks for the info!

We will see , it is to bad the SANTA CLAUSE parade , is on the same day.They usually get 1 million for that.

That's great, how many more do they have to sell to sell out? 20,000?

Is the parade scheduled to run through the streets near the stadium? Could be a mess if 40 000+ people came out of the stadium and streets were blocked for Santa… :o

Let's see, Roger Center has a 53 000 seat capasity, they just need to sell 13,000 more tickets, they can sell that much more!!!

BTW, Alaska in fact DOES have a Football Stadium in Anchorage, it has 1,200 seats. WOOHOO!!!, that's more than enough!, let's add a team there after Halifax!!!!!

Note: the second paragragh is a joke.

I hope they sell out. Even if the large crowd hurts the Riders chances of getting to the Cup (if they can upset Montreal). It is great for the league when teams sell out. This year has been one of the best in league history for many reasons from attendance, TV numbers, and parity across the league. Good job by the Argos management in recent years and great support by their fans. It is nice to finally see this in Toronto for the CFL.

Due to the overwhelming demand for tickets to the Scotiabank East Championship at the Rogers Centre on November 20th, the Toronto Argonauts are pleased to introduce Special On-Field VIP Seating for the game.

Get up close and personal to all the action as the Argos battle either the Montreal Alouettes or the Saskatchewan Roughriders in the game that will decide who goes to the Grey Cup!

You can sit on-field in this new fully-licensed area and enjoy some snacks as you watch the Argos on their road to a repeat. It's the closest you'll ever get to live football, without actually being on the field!

The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is pleased to announce that Vancouver-based rock band Theory of a Deadman will be performing at half-time for the Scotiabank East Championship game on Sunday, November 20 at 3:00 p.m. at Rogers Centre.

Juno Award winners Theory of a Deadman will perform three songs off of their platinum-certified album Gasoline at half-time. Their single “Santa Monica� is a Top 5 radio hit and their new track “Better Off� is rapidly climbing the charts. Argo fans are sure to love one of the hottest new bands this country has to offer.

The Double Blue will face either Montreal or Saskatchewan at the Scotiabank East Championship as they continue down the road to a Grey Cup repeat. The pre-game Streetfest begins on Bremner St. at noon.

i think its safe to say ( with the new special seats available ), the argos must have sold ATLEAST 45 000 tickets and still have 1 week to sell-out.

The Santa Claus parade route is a reasonable clip from the Dome. It starts at Christie & Bloor, heads east on Bloor to Queen's Park, south on Queen's Park and University (the east side) to Queen (University & Queen is probably the closest it'll be to the Dome by a guesstimated half-mile, if not more), then east on Queen to Yonge, south on Yonge to Front, and east on Front to Church. (and speaking as a guy who marched the whole route once back in the late 80's, its a fair walk) The Dome is south of Front and west of Spadina.

SORRY , you already had the scoop on the band , and I missed your post.

This is really good news. And they now have the band and 1 week + to go.

AND , 1 of our own , will be there. Third And Ten , won tickets to the V.I.P. section. :smiley:

THANK YOU! :smiley: