ARGOS have CFL high : attendence!

WOW , does any one realize that the ARGOS had the higest attendence for week # 1

:wink: :thup:

Wait until all teams play their home openers. :wink:

Wow Argos can probably thank the close to 2,000 fans from Hamilton for that stat.BTW the Cats do better than that on a per game basis at Ivor Wynn.

gee i wonder why?

Well, I would say it's becase they have the biggest stadium to play in for week 1, but then you have BC.

still, great show of support from the East.

Why is attendance always such a pissing match? Everyone knows Rider fans are the best. =)

Go Riders!!

Who had the higher average attendence last year? :wink:

didnt the Bombers have the highest pre season attendance? I know they did after week 1 not sure about week 2

B.C. is a bigger stadium than the ARGOS home.

CALGARY had a 9,000 drop in attendence from last year.

Montreal only seats 20,000+ , but that is not the ARGOS fault.

Still the ARGOS had the highest attendence of any team , including B.C. and CALGARY. :thup:

There are many reasons why the T.V. ratings and attendence was lower in CALGARY and TORONTO.What is B.C.S' excuse?

I think the honor will belong to the Eskimos! But that is great that TO got a good turn out!

EDMONTON have great fans. I have been defending both CALGARY and TORONTO. Now that hockey is over , and the world cup is half over , things will pick up for every one.

The CFL is a harder sell in summer , but explodes on Labour Day. T.V. ratings will be allot better as well. :thup:

Your right! TO seems to be getting better supporting the team then ever before. I think Pinball does that! He is a great guy to have there! perfect!

No surprise since they are playing in a baseball staduim

Agreed there. The Dump is pretty much a barn in some aspects, but with the way the Argos have been performing since Cynnamon and Sokolowski have taken over, and the “renovations” they did (tarping off the 500-level endzones and the 100-level behind the north endzone, plus the better turf), its made the place more appealing to the fans. I just hope the general CFL fandom agrees when those tarps come off for the GC in 2007.

One ex-BLUE JAY said it was like playing baseball in A MALL.

Running with that analogy, ht, I guess having the Godfrey-run Jays play in the RC would be like playing baseball in a mall. The only problem is, Godfrey's wishes for an NFL team here gives him the mindset that he's stuck somewhere at Fantasy Fair in the Woodbine Centre. :roll:

I think they firgued that DD would get hurt again. :roll:

world cup also hurt attendence all over.

Bombers have 29,000 tickets sold for the Argos/Bombers game.

The Eskimos should easily have 40,000+ vs. calgary this week if its sunny. Hell, we got 42,000 in the labour day rematch in the rain last year, I'd be surprised if it's less than 40.

for sure, this guy needs to wait for all teams to play a home game first before talking.