Argos have 12 players for the All-Stars! (sarcasm)

That's right, 12 players from the Argos are going to the All-Stars! More than any other CFL team, this is great news!

Keep us posted with the score.
Its 11 players. They counted Prefontaine twice. Typical Toronto

Actually I was being cynical when I say they were going to the all-stars. I should have noted that.

But anyways what's up with saying 12 players when it's really 11?

Is this web site and the person who runs IT from TORONTO? Maybe it was a , mistake.

CFL MAGAZINE , is from Edmonton. :smiley: They picked the ARGOS this year.

talk about SOUR GRAPES :roll: …GEEZS…MONTREAL’s prime is gone , you had your turn , you had your chances , give another team a chance.



Sour grapes!
Sure seeing that it is a personal reflection on me! :wink:

Go Sask GO?
Whatsa matter afraid of Montreal?

Give someone else a chance?
Shoulden't they earn it as opposed to it being their turn?

Is this Site and the person who runs it from Toronto?
What diff does that make? Its posted on the Argo site. :wink:

Jordan Younger? WTF? At least they left John Avery out of it.

Too bad John Ryan wasn't in the finals. He broke the punting avergae record set by Passaglia in '83. Can't have too many players from a ty team in the finals I guess.....although Saskatchewan has players in the finals.

YES, they put NOEL 2 times on purpose :lol: The site [which they posted it at this site] , is now out to get you.TYPICAL PARANOIA :lol:

I would rather play SASK. than MONTREAL.I have written that before.Is there a problem with that? :smiley: O.K. every one , you HAVE TO , vote for MONTREAL , ro1313 , says so.

They have earned it , as defending GREY CUP CHAMPS and as the FIRST team to clinch in their division.

ALLEN , has the best year of his career THIS YEAR , and lead his team to 1st place in the EAST. But according to some , he doesn’t deserve to win , even thought he has all of those great STATS, THIS YEAR :wink: , and a 1st place team ,THIS YEAR.


What happened to all of those arguements , about how the ARGOS would be done , if ALLEN , went down.???

Is it because ALLEN , is the Q.B. , who beats MONTREAL all the time? Like in 2000 , with B.C. , like in 2004 and 2005 with the ARGOS?

The ARGOS , have a great team , again THIS YEAR, but they shouldn’t have this many , all stars? They didn’t have many all stars , last year. Maybe , just maybe THE ARGOS , are finally getting the respect that they deserve , as defending GREY CUP champs , and as 1st place in the EAST , ya think? :wink:

And as for giving some one else a turn, how many years IN A ROW , were allot of the EASTERN ALL STARS , from MONTREAL??? :shock:

You think that A.C. should win and there shouldn’t be that many ARGOS.The press disagrees with you , as I do. :wink: :smiley:

Kicker selection should have gone to Brian Diesbourg. No one made a more important field goal than him this season. :smiley:

And ALLEN and the ARGOS won the biggest game in the EAST , this year.[just joking]

I didn’t say everyone should root for Montreal, I asked if you were afraid of them.

Getting back to the original point I never said that Toronto doesn’t deserve to have those players I said there were 11 players not 12. There are 12
Positions taken by 11 players which is great but the fact remains the same, 11 players not 12
The link that was posted was the Toronto site here is the link again

not the CFL site (see where it says ARGOS?) and on that site they said 12 players from the ARGOS made the all star team. Are there 12 players? No there are 11 players.

Finally where did I mention in this post that anything about AC or DA???
I didn’t, I mentioned that fact about the players. NO names were mentioned.
No sour grapes, no paranoia, period

Generally, no complaints about the list, but I do find it hard to believe that Jude St John is considered to be one of the top 4 O-linemen (non-centre) in the East division. He gets beaten more than a Betty Crocker cake mix.

I saw NOEL named 2 times at this site , as well.
But you have written that ALLEN doesn’t deserve to win the MOP , and now this.There does seem to be a pattern here. :wink: :smiley:

But you are entitled to your opinion. :smiley:

Let me rephrase
He deserves it but he is not the most deserving.