same here , but any thing can happen as it happened to the ARGOS when 17 starters could not play against MONTREAL. :cry:

Besides it is always better to win Vs. their best. :thup:

ALLEN , 322 yards passing and 1 T.D. pass.

BRUCE 171 yards and 1 T.D.

ALLEN , is back and the real ARGOS are close to being back.

The offence was much better tonight under ADAM RITA. But ALLEN is very valuible to the ARGOS.

The Rogers Center should be rocking as Montreal is always a great draw. :thup:

Bloddy hell! at best I'll be 2 and 2 if Montreal wins! why didn't I pick TO? bugger it! AHHH!!!!

MONTREAL lost :thup:

pick Toronto at home next week against Montreal. :wink: :lol:

you never know with ALLEN back and at home.This time the ARGOS will not have 14 starters out of the line up like the last time we played them! :thup:

Argos win, what a reversal of fortune, they seem to have Hamiltons number once again.

Looks like Damon is back. Good to see TO starting to turn the corner. Good night for you eh HT?

Hopefully they will have MONTREAL's # next week , at home , with ALLEN back and with the 14 starters who missed the last , MON/TOR game.

At least motivation wont be an issue, if they want to get back in the REAL race, then I woud have to say a win is pretty much a must for them.

ALLEN needs just 643 passing yards to pass MOON's all time , all pro passing yards record. However , I don't think that he will beat it vs. MONTREAL.

well, he will probably hit it after the montreal game, but before the next argo home i home the visiting teams fans give him a standing O when he breaks the record.

...i see the Ti-Cats have returned to was almost as bad a performance the Bombers put up in the last 2 games...but i think we scored more points ...they even had their no1 guy at qb.....while we were playing with a qb. with ....NO....pardon me ...we didn't have a qb. period.......Hammer need to do something quick....hire Austin to replace that dud of a Paopao as offensive coach...and then ease Kent into the head-coaching job..IF they don't.... the fans that do show up.... will be wearing paper bags......and oh yeah...i'd rather be living in Winnipeg with the defence we have...than in Hamilton with the scoring machine you're anchored with.. :roll: :o