ARGOS 17 , CATS 1 …3rd Q.

The ARGOS have a new system on offense. Allen , is only 85% but has some great passing yards , so far. We have some injuried people back. :thup:

I wish that the stupid refs wouldn’t call a pen. on BOTH teams on almost every play. :thdn:


hamilton's offence also sucks...thanks jason maas, most overrated QB in the league!

notice how much better the argos look when using the REAL argos ( the guys who were on the team for afew years )?...miles, bruce, avery, levingston...rather than guys like stokes.

CFL is ruining the Return game... Levingston returns a missed field goal all the way and its called back gimme a break.

is boreham kicking for the tabbies again, and not myers?

if so, why why why is boreham STILL on this team?...or in this league?

Just another missed F.G. / punt / kick return for a T.D. called back in the CFL.

I think that the CFL will set a record this year for the lowest amount of kick returns for a T.D. and the least kick return yards in a season , in CFL history.

The new rules are just killing the CFL game.

what was the reason it was called back?

Reason: The Referee's Depends got bunched

the OFFICIAL call tho?

Illegal block


hamilton is so shitty, they make the argos look like the top team in the league..haha

( why is 'shitty' uncensored, yet s*cks is? )

Argos are doing good tonight.

I hope they enjoy a nice win tonight for they might not be this lucky next week... hehehe...

i will be at that game next week.

i hope its a more competitive game than the last argo game i attended....when BC pounded them a few weeks ago in a snoozefest.

First you have to beat CALGARY tonight and hope for no injuries. :wink:

MOON WATCH : ALLEN 290 yards passing , so far , and a score of 20 to 2 doesn't sound that lucky to me :wink: :thup:

I will also been there , and it will not be the same ARGO team that Montreal played the last time. :thup:

Tiger cats should have a new name the fighting bumble bees wow those uni's are a bit bright! :lol:

Sorry if I wrongfully selected my wording. I did not intend to say your win was due to luck.

I was just saying they could experience a very different fate next week.... that's what I hope anyways.

And Calgary had nothing to do in that staory, for the Als could lose tonight and my comment would still hold.

I don't blame you at all. :thup:

But you can't look passed tonight's game. A.C. could get hurt , ect...

i hope he doesnt get hurt.

Just imagine what they will look like when they wear the all-white unis on Labour Day

hamilton really sucks....2 points total in the last 2 home games...

i fear thier fans will start turning away from the games after such terrible performances...they cant keep getting 27,000 fans for such sad efforts 2 years in a row and 3 of the last 4.