O.K. , for those who don't know this already. :smiley:

I am just the messenger , but I don't see why they can't also do the EDMONTON @ CALGARY game ,as well.

BUT, I don't decide these things :wink:

Sorry if this has already been posted. :oops:

:oops: sorry double post.

Also , 1 reason that they may be just doing the ARGO/HAM game is that it is close to , TSN main office.That may change I HOPE.

The article also says that this will be TSN's 4th CFL game in a row. :shock:

This might be the loophole in the CBC contract that the league was hoping for. Perhaps the CBC only has legal claim to 1 game per week. There must something in their contract to prevent the league or CTV/TSN from pulling the broadcasts otherwise.

Anyway, good to see that one of the games will emerge from the silence. Hopefully the Esks/Stamps game will get out too.

As an aside, this kind of destroys your scab theory, eh hellothere?

Hours, great call :smiley: were right.And it really wasn't my theory but some that was mentioned on, The FAN.

But hey, some times you just got to love it when I am wrong. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

And, boy, do we love it often !

3 and 10 , didn't you LOSE that bet that we had.?And what else have I been wrong about. [just joking]

So far , what I have predicted at the beginning of this season , most of that has come true. :wink:

Lets compare our records , shall we. :lol:

And even if the CBC could drop both games I dont think they would. The want ratings.

how true! It does help pay the BILLS.