I just heard Co-owner David Cynamon who was on Fan 590 with Bob McCown.
First, the Grey Cup and tickets are selling still fast and without mentioning the exact figure, it is nearly sold out and the SRO sign in all likelihood will go out before training camp.
Season ticket sales, game day tickets and overall sponsorship is all 15% up from last year.
The team nearly broke even last year and even without the Grey Cup, will make money this year.
With the Grey Cup although David did not mention the profitability factor, other teams have made $3M+ in profit.
David also said it is a good thing they did not build the Varsity stadium as already and the last few years they have outgrown the capacity of 20,000 by 10,000 seats. The relationship with Rogers and corporate Canada here in Toronto was described as awesome.
Who would have thought a few years back during the Sherwood era, this would have happened.
Not me.

just proves me correct when i said, any new CFL stadium must be built with a minimum of 40,000 seats now a days. and the argos were right in staying at skydome and not going to the new soccer stadium.

I agree and that's why when you hear people saying about 25,000 seats for the CFL and or new stadiums as enough, is pure bunk.

it was good enough for 2004 and maybe still for some cities in 2007....but not gonna be enough for the future growth of the league....

2010, when demand is 30K-40K in every city, and all the stadiums are 25K would/will be a problem.

As of right now, the only stadium significantly under 30,000 is Montreal's, and the Als can (and do) easily go to the Big Owe once or twice a year.

Yes, it is possible that we'll need bigger stadiums in the future - hopefully so - but as it is, the only one that consistently sells out is Montreal's.

Right now, in every other CFL city, supply is greater than demand. If it gets to the point where demand is greater than supply, ticket prices will go up accordingly, the teams will become more stable, the league will look even better, people won't mind reasonable ticket price increases, etc ... Such is already the case with Montreal, and Hamilton is approaching (if they had a good team, they may have even been there by now).

For example, the Oakland A's - a team which I always figured was well-supported - are going to be building the smallest ballpark in MLB soon - only 34,000. I figure this is so that they can create an air of intimacy at the games, make the team look more popular, and raise ticket prices.

As for expansion teams, I think if they're going in a city of only 3-400,000, the stadium should only be 25-30,000 at first, just with provisions for easy expansion. It is certainly the best way to keep stadium costs down. Then, if it's clear that more seats would be profitable enough, they can go ahead. Until then, they can be comfortable with a nearly-full stadium, that allows them to keep ticket prices relatively high.

Great news! Now the only thing remainig is getting that crappy media in Toronto on side. This is great news to those loyal CFL fans in Toronto. :stuck_out_tongue:

That red is a much bigger problem to overcome. Almost beyond repair I am afraid.

if every CFL stadium was 20K, every CFL team would sell-out every game.

heck, even if they were 25K, they'd sell-out every game.

i do agree with u, that for expansion cities ( QC or Halifax ), stadiums should be build with 25-30K permanent seats with the ability to easily add 5-10K more when popularity / demand rises.

It really is refreshing to have such great ownership and people that actually care about the Argonauts more than a business venture. Make no mistake though, the Argonauts always put a positive spin on any situation though, Keith Pelley is an expert at that.

Season sales are up but we still rank in the CFL basement. As long as they continue though, we're fine. The poor summer schedule will hurt attendance in the first half of this year though, but expect some huge crowds if there is a decent team come Fall.

The Argos will never disclose there profits but they always seem to find a way too lose money. Last season when they might make a modest profit, they waste half a million on Williams.

A new stadium was still a good idea, but they actually took a business minded approach and couldn't turn down a sweatheart Rogers Centre free rent deal. A 30 000 seat stadium would be sold out every game, created demand, and balanced a budget rather easy. I still like the Dome, but a new stadium would have been awesome.

I like many, hung my head and was ready to accept the demise of the Argonauts in the Swartz era, but yes, everything has come full circle, the planets have aligned and I am as big as an Argo fan as ever.

The relationship with Rogers and corporate Canada here in Toronto was described as awesome.

I listened and watched as well to this interview and found it interesting as well that Cynamon was expounding on this excellent relationship. Interesting. I don't think Rogers wanted to lose the Argo home dates. Once they get rid of our friend Godfrey or he retires and they put someone who is a professional in charge of the Blue Jays, you might see an even better relationship than now.

Pelley may put a positive spin on everything, but that's fine - in fact it's a good thing. It will help encourage those who "aren't in the know" to buy tickets, etc ... As long as it SOUNDS like the team is popular, it will be!

And yeah, it's great news too.

There has also been a rumour the last few years how the Rogers people have the firts right of refusal to buy the Argos.
I certainly hope not.

I would like to see the Argos stay on their own also, apart from Rogers or MLSE for sure. But they might be in tough there if one of these companies goes big-time after the Argos. I don't know.

Agree Earl as I don't like either one of these choices.
Having said that, if Godfrey ever retired then Rogers seems a much better fit.
Speaking of Godfrey, have you heard the latest how he and very possibly the Argos will be getting together to bid for the NFL 08 regular season game.
There are two other Canadian bids, in Edmonton and Vancouver.
In being at all three of these venues, by far and away the best place to watch a game is Commonwealth. Plus, they have the highest capacity at over 60,000.
So, Mr. Godfrey can you say competition for the "money making" NFL game.

Didn't know that argotom, interesting. Didn't realize the Argos, or any CFL team, might be involved in the NFL game. Not bad then if it makes money for a CFL team, no problem with that then for me.

But can you imagine if Toronto didn't win the bid for the game? holy shiites, the NFL would never hear the end of this from the Toronto media.

Yes I am hoping if the NFL decides to play 08 in Canada that either Edmonton or BC get it.
If so and as you said, Godfrey would never live it down and his credibility with the wannabee Toronto media would be shot.

With Ted Rogers hinting he might want a baseball only stadium for the Blue Jays in the next 5-10 years, and him owning the former Skydome, would his ownership of the Argos be such a bad thing? Maybe he would be more inclined to spend money to renovate his own stadium to make it more football friendly. Or, would the current Argos owners be interested in acquiring Skydome and doing the above mentioned renos? They have interests in the construction industry.

Geez East, do you really think Ted would pay for a baseball only stadium? I doubt it and I also doubt he would get public funding for such a stadium. And how old is Ted? He might not even be around that much longer although I hope he does live many long happy years. Although I suppose it could be his legacy to leave Toronto with a baseball only stadium.

I don't know about the current owners acquiring the RC and making renos, interesting thought though.

Good to see the positives comming out of Toronto. I agree with Drummer, it proves you can't "short change" yourself with a small Stadium.

redwhite2005 and Argotom: You guys both mentioned Toronto media support as a concern when talking about the growing popularity of the CFL in general and the Argos in particular. Just a thought to follow up on that: The Toronto media are not that much of a concern....they are famous for being bandwagon jumpers and as the team grows its fan base, the media will will come on side more and more. Look at Steve Simmons. He was one of the biggest bashers, and was among the first to start changing his tune. The media tries to agree with perceived public opinion when it comes to sports.