Argo's Grey Cup chances - - -

If they play anywhere near how they played Sunday in demolishing the Ticats they could easily finish 1st or 2nd in East. How the hay did this happen?

  • Montreal is a train wreck, Popp is a dead man walking coach, wild man Cato now their QB; still have a very good to great defense, totally undisciplined as a reflection of their head coach.

  • Hamilton is showing signs of a tire-fire. Still have their primary asset in Zach Collaros but their defense is an atrocity; Austin appears to be coaching scared to boot.

  • Ottawa looked pretty solid to finish 1st or 2nd in east . . . now I'm not so sure. Henry appears to finally run out of gas and starting to qualify himself as a TSN panelist; the book on defending Trev Harris is finally out there, if they lose their next game panic will no doubt set in for Coach Campbell

  • So there we've got Toronto. Bilko Barker must have read the riot act after Ray was crushed. Love their receivers set, ferocious defense (this week) and above average special teams. If Lafavour manages to conquer a depleted bomber squad this Saturday he'll remain the #1 QB - as Willy undergoes restoration. Can't see all 3 eastern contenders getting to 9 wins - obviously 2 of them will cuz they play each other enough. The third place team might get to 8

and that means Wpg. has to win 2 of their final 7 games to get to 9 wins - I actually think they'll slump a bit but still win minimum 2, perhaps even 3. Edmonton at 5-6 needs to win 5 of 7 to get to 10-8 - - - - with Reilly that's achievable - however, their defense is downtrodden; esks might only win 4 to get to 9-9......... then the west will have a tie for third and the best record between the two tied teams will be awarded 3rd in West - the other team headed east.

It's a three team race in the East - - Montreal had ZERO chance and was eliminated before the season ever started.

As expected it's a repeat of 2012 all over again in Hamilton - - great offence, horrific defence - - and it's great to see Orlondo Steinauer exposed as a fraud.

The RedBags are a third year expansion team and they're looking every bit the part. Trevor Harris is the heir apparent to take over for Kevin Glenn and Hank Burris as the leagues biggest choke artist under pressure.

Toronto has as good a chance as any to come out of the East. It's unfortunate they wasted so many games with Logan Kilgore as the starter - - if they'd had anything close to a competent replacement for Ricky Ray Toronto would be running away with the division right now.

I'd absolutely LOVE to see Winnipeg cross over and get to scrimmage against the Bombers in the playoffs as a warm up for either the EDF or the Grey Cup.

I loved watching Burris choke under pressure in the 2013 eastern final at Skydome. That was peak "Ricky Ray is God" time, when all he had to do was show up to claim certain victory. Ha!

Didn't love him so much under pressure at the end of the 2015 eastern final in Ottawa, facing second and 25 or whatever it was, throwing that damn Hail Mary to Ellingson.

You're confusing the 2013 EDF with the 2013 Grey Cup. Classic Hank Burris staring off into space as the snap sails past him.

While it was hilarious too see Burris humiliate the totally useless Ed Gainey in the 2015 EDF, it was even more comical to see him come from ahead to lose the 2015 Grey Cup and blow a 14pt lead.

After the Cats laid an egg last night, the door has be swung wide open for Toronto to take the East....I don't think they will but definitely have a chance.

Cats defence isn't OS fault though A-51 you got to stop trying to cram that down peoples throats, trust me if you watched the 2012 Cats defence they were 20x worse than this year's unit, Creehan had no idea what the hell he was doing. Main issue this year is that they had to move their starting corner to safety to replace one of the best in the league, they signed Demond Washington to help out but he goes out for the year in TC, and they simply have not been able to field any corners with big play ability, never seen a team get beat while in near perfect coverage all the time, it isn't the scheme just guys are not making plays when they need to, perfect example is the first Gurley TD over Vaughan in the LDC. That is on Kent Austin and Tillman if anybody for not finding the right guys for OS to deploy, Steinauer can't go play for them.

Ticats don't have the talent in the backfield IMO.

Redblacks have the parts, but IMO Harris may not be the guy that can win you a playoff game.

Argonauts have some pieces, but their running back, defensive backfield, defensive and offensive lines are concerning. Not crazy about their QB's either.

Montreal - Well, their defense is good, but Calvillo is in way over his head, and that's putting it mildly IMO.

Agreed on most parts, but Argos defensive line played great yesterday and Whitaker is vastly underrated for some reason, he has aged like a fine wine I've hated every moment the Cats have had to play against him in Double Blue, he is just always fighting for extra yards and kills teams catching the ball out of the backfield.