Argos going after Printers?

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If quarterback Casey Printers gets the itch to return to the CFL, the Argos want to provide the scratch.

Unable to crack the lineup with the Kansas City Chiefs this season, the CFL's Outstanding Player of 2004 could become a free agent in February.


And if that happens, the Argos intend to chase him as a successor to veteran Damon Allen and quarterback of the future.

"If the time comes that he has a desire to come back to Canadian football, we would obviously look at Casey Printers as a potential quarterback of the future," Argos president Keith Pelley said yesterday.

The team covets Printers enough that it has requested permission to negotiate with him from the B.C. Lions, which still holds his CFL rights.

Even if the Lions were to grant that request though, because Printers is still under contract to the Chiefs, those negotiations couldn't legally take place unless K.C. released him following the NFL season.

"We'd be interested in having a conversation with Casey Printers," Pelley said. "But right now, his CFL rights are retained by B.C. and he's under contract to (the Chiefs) so we can't have the conversation."

He can, however, have a chat with Allen, the 43-year-old veteran who was benched in each of the Argos two playoff games. Pelley said he plans to meet with Allen soon to discuss whether he intends to return for 2007.

The Argos have yet to extend Allen's contract, making him eligible for free agency on Feb. 15. Following the Eastern Division Final loss to the Montreal Alouettes, Allen said he was unsure about his future.

Should he become available, Printers could be a hot off-season commodity. The 25-year-old Texan made quite an impression in his first full season, starting 14 games for the Lions and passing for 5,088 yards in 2004.

After splitting duties with Dave Dickenson in '05, Printers was signed by the Chiefs, where he has spent most of the season on the practice roster.

Though the Lions retain Printers' CFL rights, they seem content with Grey Cup MVPDickenson and backup Buck Pierce, who recently signed a three-year extension.

Printers no! Forget the Argos. They have Bishop.

Tell your agent to call Tillman and ask him to cut Joseph and Armstead for us. Then combine their salaries and pay Printers both give him max salary just get him here. It’ll never happen but Tillman should cut Joseph NOW and do whatever it takes to get Printers here in Sask.

u would willingly lose jospeh and armstead for printers. not cool. and although CP is a good proven Qb in the CFL it'll take way to much money to get him on any roster.

Except ours, the Champions of hidden money! AAARRRRGOOOOOOOS! Should I pre-order my Printers jersey now? We had to wait a few games for Williams last year.

All the teams except Lions and Esks will be interested in Printers and will probably submit offers:

Wpg $300k (their reported bid for R. Ray :lol: )
Ssk $350k ("will never pay more than $300k for a player")
Cal $400k (Printers is probably 10% better than Burris, so why not put in a bid?)
MtL $450k (Cavillo is a ?, building for the future)
Ham $500k (will stick out their neck, but gets chopped off - no maas)
Tor $550k (Argos QB of the Future, or highest-paid Whiner of-the Year?)

Yep kind of a slap in the face to Bishop if you ask me. He did pretty darn good in those playoff games no?

Toronto, probably has the "Bucks" to afford Printers. Rumours on the talk shows have Winnipeg and Hamilton also interested.

I think it would probably be Toronto Though.

(I can hear Saskargo telling me "I Told you so!")

I wouldn't be surprised if it came down to Toronto and Hamilton, with Hamilton releasing mutliple players just to try and get Printers. The team has done nothing the past two season, they are willing to spend a lot of money to get a QB that will get the fans to come and watch. Another year of Jason Maas probably wouldn't attract much attention in Hamilton, unless he starts playing like how he used to. For these reasons, I have a feeling C.P. will be signed by the ticats, and it will surprise the hell out of everyone.