Yes I am afraid to say the rumours are true as both Paul Godfrey and Keith Pelley recently indicated the two "groups" may get together to bid for the NFL 08 regular season game here in Toronto.
Is this good news or the Argos getting in bed with the "devil scenario". I suppose if there is money to be made and continuing the good relationship with the NFL, why not?
Here is the other surprising fact, both Edmonton and Vancouver are also bidding for the same game.
Right now, my bet is on the Eskies getting the bid as they have a much bigger and fan friendly stadium.Plus, the NFL may want to spread their message more so out west and already having inroads here is Southern Ontario.
Reagardless of who gets the game if in fact it comes to Canada, is this cooperation with the NFL good for out league.
I am not so sure.
Why don't we reciprocate and have a CFL game in the US. How about in Hawaii, like an all star game or maybe even the Grey Cup.

why worry about this...this wont happen.

the argos are just putting up a 'front' to show they are not concerned about the NFL.

they are making this public bluff, knowing they will never be called on it cuz it wont happen.


Actually I think this will happen. The NFL wants to sell the game internationally. Although, already popular throughout Canada an NFL game in Canada might increase the popularity. I can also see the NFL holding regular season games in Mexico City and London. However, I do not see the NFL expanding to Canada for sometime, especially when LA doesn't have a team.

I also believe the popularity of the NFL in both Canada and the U.S. increases the popularity of the CFL. If the NFL brings new fans to the game of football they might then become exposed to the Canadian game. People love football, and the CFL just gives them more football, albeit a different brand but, imo, just as exciting and thrilling.

So some American city can get the tourist dollar?
No thanks.

re-Why don't we reciprocate and have a CFL game in the US. How about in Hawaii, like an all star game or maybe even the Grey Cup.------------------ if they do it should be in BALTIMORE -IMO

Yes, Baltimore would be the place to do it. But the Grey Cup game? Absolutely not.

I'm sure we'll see an NFL regular-season game in Canada in the near future. And that annoys me ... but maybe it will help the CFL. Who knows? I just don't see why they "need" to do it (obviously, it's just a cash grab). The NFL is already popular up here (too popular, IMO, since it does distract attention from the CFL). Football is already popular up here. Football is already established up here. Staging an NFL game in Canada would do NOTHING to further "internationalize" football.

I also think that a casual fan may go to the NFL game, see 2000 people on each sideline, billions of cameras, all the glitz, noise, and hype, and then be let down by the next CFL game they go to - simply because the CFL isn't the hype machine that the NFL is. And, that may very well turn them off of the CFL. Remember, I'm talking about casual fans, who wouldn't notice the difference between the Canadian and American games.

Is cooperation with the NFL good for the CFL? Probably yes, because the NFL likely has the upper hand if the two leagues were competing instead (money). But, on a bit of a different topic, I really don't like how the NFL can just pluck off our option-year players.

A game could be very positive for the CFL as I've mentioned, particularly with co-marketing. For example, before the NFL game in Canada, there could be a tribute to football in the pre game ceremonies with the Grey Cup and Vince Lombardi trophies ushered out by two Hall of Famers in both leagues. This type of thing. I really only see positives if a game was held here, not that I need it to boost football/CFL for me in Canada, but some casual fans might take more to the CFL is they see first hand the NFL boys playing the CFL up and that.

Bobby Ackles is making noise about hosting a NFL game at BC Place, but, its not the end of the world. Its just a marketing game. The exhibition game here (San Fran VS Seattle) didn't sell out. This is just more Football exposure. I wouldn't get too bent out of shape. As others have posted, the NFL has more cities in the USA to expand to before they look outside the country.

Funny thing is the more I watch the NFL, the more I like the CFL, I realize that there really isn't, to me, much difference in talent and I much prefer the Canadian game with all the Canadian history and tradition attached. Watching NFL games reaffirms this in me, and also makes me realize how important football is in the US. Here in Canada, we sometimes get into this hockey, hockey, hockey thing so much we forget there are other sports out there in this country. I honestly think if it weren't for the NFL being around, the CFL wouldn't exist or be nearly as big to be honest, especially in this "hockey mad" country of ours.

You know what else would be good.
If the game comes to Canada and which ever city is “awarded”(hopefully Edmonton), it should be a doubleheader football.
With the CFL and NFL back to back.
Then and again the No Fun League lovers would see how utterly boring the game really is when fresh in comparison.
The other reason for this DH, is the city in question will not have to “paper the house”.
All previous NFL Xibition games both in Toronto and Vancouver were financial disasters. The house was awash in freebies and nowhere near full plus those that purchased tickets were at a heavily discounted rate.
$25 was the top price from what I recall.

Good idea argotom. I know myself, even if Toronto had the game and I live just 50 minutes down the QEW, I wouldn't go. If I want that "NFL experience", then I'll go to Buffalo, Cleveland or whereever close, not Toronto since I would gag at some of the Canadians trying to be like "wow, we have an NFL game in Canada, wow, this is huge...", utterly gag. No thanks, I'll go to the US for this.

Now, if they package the two together as you say, that's a whole different story.

wait a second here .. are we talking about an NFL exhibition game in Canada? Or the annual Grey Cup?

i think it'd be a lot of fun to attend an NFL game in Canada ... (especially Edmonton .. maybe December!)


Statik you are kidding of course.
It is a known fact that the place was half empty here at the old Skydome.
Tickets were given away in droves at the local watering holes by Budweiser who was the sponsor of the game. Dispite these mega giveaways, they announced the crowd I think somewhere around 38,000.
A figure which was bogus and a downright lie.
Some people that I know who went said it was half empty.
Same thing for the game before it I think it was Cleveland vs ??????.
A true NFL classic, what 10-7 I recall.

What i am not kidding about is the Grey Cup giving away countless amounts of tickets to individuals and local businesses, and STILL not filling the stadium.

I know a lot more people that attended last years Grey Cup with freebies, than I know of people that paid for'em.


There's a difference between giving away tickets to businesses and (namely) corporate sponsors, and giving them away to bums at the local bar 2 minutes from the stadium ...

Grey Cup "still" not filling the stadium? Try, "the last time the Grey Cup didn't sell out was in 2000."


The difference this time around is the NFL would have a regular season game played in Canada (if selected) rather than a pre-season game. Personally I love the CFL, NFL, and NHL but I have a very hard time getting excited about going to watch some no name rookies play, especially if I'm not a fan of the two teams playing.

The truth of the matter is how a live NFL game(X or regular season) by en large is a boring experience.
The "sizzle" which TV masks in a boring game is obviously not available.

Depends how you look at it. Last season Devin Hester of the Bears had more return touchdowns than the whole CFL. A few years back Peyton Manning had 49 td passes, while the nearest CFL player had 36. Both games are different from each other, but, imo, equally exciting.

It's unfortunate that fans of either league can be so close-minded when it comes to something different. Both sets of fans are missing some great football.