Argos go to NFL, CFL To Expand to Quebec and Atlantic

The more I think about this, the more it makes sense. Cohon comments on NFL scare me. We’ll see all you Argo backers at Ivor Wynne. :twisted:

I really wouldn't be opposed to that. I think the CFL would survive just fine without Toronto.
Don't get me wrong, I would miss the Argos and the rivalry they have with the Ticats. They are a team rich with history, and have many fans in the city.

But this whole attitude of 'the CFL can't survive without Toronto' is hogwash. Move the Argos organization to Halifax (you wouldn't even have to change the name... a coastal city with a nautical name) and Quebec City.

As for corporate sponsors, there are plenty of other corporations out west and in Quebec (not to mention still a few in Toronto) that would satisfy the CFL's needs.

Jock Climie feels the same way. The CFL has survived a lot and it will survive this.