Argos getting some heat from media to start Duron Carter in rematch

Sun sports writers quietly whispering what’s up with not starting Carter on LD and sending the Argos a subtle suggestion that regarless of Tresman’s personal policy, Duron Carter starting next game is a must if they are to have any hopes in resurrecting their playoff hopes. So, it appears the weight of the world is being placed on Duron Carter. Either he’s the saviour or the Argos can kiss it good-bye. I’m thinking he has to play now since Saturday basically is a playoff game for the Argos but will he make that much of a difference? What does Tresman do? Be true to himself and his belifs and convictions or does he throw the dice and insert Duron Carter?

Tresman will not let the media hacks dictate his decision making and how he chooses to run his team. If he does he loses credibility with fans and team.

From 3Down. Looks like he may play.

It says is Trestman is impressed with how Carter has fit in. Also says they have not spoken to him about playing. We shall see. Its only a matter of time until he plays and starts his Duron act. The media is doing what the media does, start rumours

So, the questions for Trestman are: Do I stick with my original statement because I feel confident that my present offence and present set of receivers is good enough out-score Hamilton, and avoid a second consecutive loss to go three games down? Or, do I hedge my bets and now say Carter is fitting in quicker than anticipated, on the premise that will improve the receiver set sufficiently to out-score Hamilton and stay just two game back?

If I’m Trestman, I go with the latter. Carter will probably be as good as anyone else on the field, and is tall and strong enough to outmuscle most of the Hamilton DBs. Half a dozen catches for an additional 50-60 yards, and the extra height and speed in the end-zone won’t hurt the Argos. When Bomben is your only receiver with a TD in the last game, I don’t see how Carter is going to hurt you?

Cancel parade.

I guess you could call Carter the "Ryan Bomben" of receivers.

Who the Heck cares, that’s ARBLOWS Problem, has nothing to do with the Tiger-Cats!

Let the guy sit for the year if they want to on ice and defrost for next year??


Nothing to do with the Ticats except for the small fact that they're playing them on Saturday...

Til he says hello to delvin breaux sr he'll be shaking in his cleats

I was wondering if Breaux would even play this week, after he was pulled from Monday's game after taking a knee to the head. But from the writeup below, it sounds like he's good to go:

Live it looked pretty worrisome (especially from our vantage point.) looked kinda like he took a knee between the shoulder blades and stayed down.

For a player with spinal issues in the past to go down like that, i was terrified for our best DB. (yes, very much so for his sake and for the sake of the roster.)

Interesting read. Thanks for posting safetyblitz.
Regarding Breaux, the coach said, on Wednesday, "He's O.K."

I’m Happy the Sun is talking CFL …

Glad Breaux is back playing tomorrow for Cats!

Can we sweep them ? Not often have we or they swept LD & re-match in Auto smoke {not BC & Alberta}…;0)

The Emoes will bounce back in Northern Alberta ,they coulda ,shoulda swept the series…

A detailed update on changes being made in the opposition line-up and the now likelihood that D.C. will play:

Saw Coach Trestman, interviewed Friday, saying that Carter won’t start, will play, but not a lot. And, that they’re hoping he can make a difference, contributing on a few plays. If the coach is telling the truth, this time, I expect that translates to deep throws his way and maybe something out of their trick play book.

Breaux, Breaux, Breaux their boat …

With Breaux on Carter, who takes care of SJ Green? Have to admit, an offense with Carter and Green sounds scary!

Can't disagree with that.
This may be hoping for a lot, but my dream for the day is that Bralon Addison, released by TOR from their PR when they signed Carter, and now making his TiCat and CFL debut, has the better day of the two. Wouldn't that be something?

That would be something alright!

Today being a blustery windy day the running game comes into play more along with short quick passes and some bombs away passes ,so what's the point?

Point is Argos have best running back in Wilder ,good receivers , at home they should prevail .

Still the game is ours to steal with the ol turn over factor and special teams .

It will be a steal IMO to grab a win against the Grey Cup Champs after we dominated them Monday ,almost wrote last week ....glad the CFL Comisioner in his wisdom moved these re-match Labour Day games to Saturday ,Friday was bad planning ,but done by so many for years.

I’m not too big on Saturday afternoon games. I’m still half asleep…