Argo's getting healthy[somewhat]

I know that it looks kind of bleak right now and I do not have all of the answers but maybe I can provide a small piece of the puzzle to helping the Argo's turn this season around. Bethel Johnson is coming back, he might of been able to play this past week however he would of not been in top form and could of been prone to hurt his ankle again and be out for the remainder of the year. I believe the coach felt that it would be in the best interest long term to make sure he was 100% so that he could be a factor in the last 10 games and beyond. Bethel had a very serious injury and was unable to do what he does best and as we all know speed kills and he didn't have the cutting ability or the speed that he needed [in my opinion-which means nothing]to be the player that will help the Argo's turn the season around. Your head coach is a quality person and the players respect him and they realize that they need to step-up and play better. This bye week is just what the dr. ordered and will allow the team to regroup. Bethel will be back at close to 100% and he should have an impact on the team if only to give them another outlet, however I believe he will bring more to the table than that and be the impact player he was brought in to be. They want somebody with hands and speed they just got some one that not only gives them those two dimensions but he will give them his dislike to lose. When teams are picked you can have all the good losers and I will take all of the bad losers and we will see who wins. Losing becomes habit forming and he may not be able to do everything but I know for a fact what a bad loser he is. The new season starts now. We are not out of anything and winning cures a lot of illness. GO ARGO'S NH

It'll be good to see Johnson back for Labour day. Hopefully he'll be a reliable set of hands on the field.

wait till Boston and Morant get back,if you've never seen David play,just imagine a body builder with hand and speed,the guy is a freak(and a steroid user lol)