Argos get Keon Raymond

Keon gave it lots of thought and decided to sign with the Argos. Good luck Keon with your new team.

This is a very good signing by the Argos. Raymond was a big part of the Calgary defence and will definetly help the young DBs in Toronto. Significant loss for the Stamps.

That's now a pair of big ticket 33yr old FAs the Argos have signed. This is the kind of veteran leadership you need to make a championship run. Looks like Barker is all in this year.

Great player but he seemed to simply not have the gas in the tank late in the season. Part of that may have been conditioning from injuries.

Nothing to do with no gas in the tank. The whole team lost not just one player. Keon will be greatly missed in the Calgary defense and a bonus to the Argos. Keon gets those untimely interceptions that bailed Calgary out several times. Something the Argos will now enjoy. Huff made a big mistake on this one. Stubler knows very well the impact he will bring.

Unfortunately, I have to agree with Dogdrool on that. Big lose for Calgary, good gain for Argos.

Huff admitted the other day he wanted to sign him but his agent came in high in December to lower to a level that they could have signed him. But like Keon said he wants to a team that wants him and felt that was not the case in Calgary where he has his year round home his wife is in school and so are the kids. I am glad he will remain in the community whether he is a stamp or an argo the community wins with this fellow. A very good player and a good man for the community. I wish him all the best in his new team.

I like this. Hopefully Byron Parkerish. He should have something left in the tank. :thup:

Tyron Brackenridge would be a good fit as replacement for him. Great teammate, tough player and strong in the dressing room. I never expected the Argos could get Raymond and was actually hoping Brackenridge would sign in Toronto.

I find this puzzling, but, According to this report, Keon will be playing strong side linebacker

One question centre’s around where the versatile St. Louis, Missouri native will line up, having played as both a linebacker and a defensive back. Early indications are that he will be penciled in as the strong side linebacker.

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