Argos Get Heller

As reported on this very website, the Scullers hired Ron Heller as the new o-line coach. Another NFL player & NFLE coach added help out,this team certainly will have a European flavour to it this season.

Sneaky ! Sneaky!

[url=] ... oto_05.jpg[/url]

HfxTC...At the risk of sounding a bit dumb....who is the dude in the pic you sent??? You have me totally baffled my friend!!! :slight_smile:

As long as the European flavouring includes improved offence, defence, and overall competitiveness I am
all for it. After all the uncertainty over the last couple of months it's nice to finally start seeing the pieces
being put together.

You and me both.

Looks like Argos will have the Barcelona Dragons coaching staff ....just made me think of Emilio Turtorro, Adam Sandler's buddy who played a Spanish butler in Mr. Deeds.

Aaahh, very well done HFxTC, I say again, very well done!!! :slight_smile: