Well here is the latest, less then one day of sales today being March 1, and unbelievably some 10,000 seats have been sold.
I hope this is a sign and I will definitely eat crow as I was and still am somewhat of reluctant Argo fan into the success of the GC for our "World Class City."

puts winnipeg to shame.

Maybe they will have to add seats in the Crap dome?

whats the capacity for this game?

I just heard Keith Pelley he was on (like a regular) with Bob McCown on Fan 590.
He confirmed the article how the seats are selling like hotcakes. The current seating capacity of the dome is 51,600 and like my joke, they will be increasing capacity.
The 500 level is almost sold out and there will be no tarps anywhere in the dome. A few seats remain in the 100 and 200 level.
They are looking to add seats in the end zone underneath the jumbotron.
Plus the "party" or tent sections will be added on the field and all of the suites alloted by the dome are sold, they hope to get some more from Rogers.
Keith said, he and the two owners are blown away from this and they expect a current sellout and then the increase.
Todays announcement of events was postponed by the weather and will be down the road. He said the various singers and venues will be a surprise to many. To include movie stars coming in from Hollywood.
I still can't believe it myself.

Do this tickets seem pricey to you fellas? I was at the Grey Cup in Ottawa, and out seats were 80-100 bucks and we sat 2 rows up from the field.

Yes jaws in comparison to you. But when you compare the Super Bowl, it is still a bargain.
My seats in the 100 level are $250.

True...not really complaining, more surprised. Do the revenues all go to the Argo ownership or is it spread out through the CFL?

If its all going to the boat owners I hope they don't do the same as Watters in Ottawa - take the money and jump ship.

The league sells the GC rights for $3M and any profit usually the GC brings in anywhere from $3-$5M for the team.
Well deserving for the team that usually puts on a great GC wherever it may be.
So it is a cash cow.

I'm a Agro's Season ticket holder and i am just debating on getting GC tickets, they are a little high i think.

Better get them soon or you'll be left watching the game on tv

Great news. I went in '92, as I've mentioned here before and while the game was great, the Toronto organizers at the time whoever they were did a crap job and attendance was well below capacity.
So I paid full price then and this time I will be around the Rogers Centre as I will be going to the Vanier on the Friday night and see if anyone is trying to "get rid" of their tickets then. Then will be going back to Toronto on Sunday and checking out again, if I didn't get some "get rid of" tickets on the Friday night, for some tickets from people who don't want to go. And if no tickets, then will just head to a bar and watch it. But will also attend some entertainment stuff on the Friday night after the Vanier and Sunday. One of the nice things about living in Hamilton is that Hogtown, err Toronto I mean, isn't far.
Next year will be going to Montreal for the full 1st rate package though as I haven't been to a GC there and we have relatives we don't see often.

I guess thinking about it, I'm still peeved off at Toronto for '92 and haven't quite gotten over it completey even though it's been 15 years.

Hope Pelley hurries up and reschedules the news conference to announce the 5 WOWS (GC festival entertainment). Earlier article in Ham. Spec (don't have link) said GC tickets will cover the event and entertainment. Profit will come from festival events (and increased seating capacity I suppose)

If you look on ticketmaster there is a 3-day GC concert seriew ticket for $115. Any inside scoop on who's playing?

Here's the link:

[url=] ... 2274690734[/url]

Article mentions the ladies, sam roberts, great big sea

I just heard Bob McCown talking about the great sales in tickets.
He said, as being on the GC committee, how the announcement into the GC venues will “knock our socks off” and will forever change the perception of performing acts necessary at future GC’s involving bigger cities.

I've also seen through that they're also selling tickets to a GC Tailgate Party at the Convention Centre before the game. But I'm wondering if this is the same one Platinum ticket package owners get included with their ducats since they're asking over $200 for these Tailgate tix.

I have 2 tickets in the Platinum Club Section at $600 each , and I got my 2 friends 2 seats in the 504 level section [front row] for $89 dollars each! :thup:

My friends are from JAPAN and this is their first GREY CUP.
They have been to many ARGO games and like it.
They have only have lived here for 5 years and didn't even know that the CFL exsisted before they came.

I phoned to asked the ARGOS about those 200 pre ticket each for the tail gate party. I asked , " do I get to sleep with a cheerleader for 200 per ticket? " , and he said " YES , but only the blonde ones! "

He was joking of course , but he did say that a really big international band would be playing there. :thup:

As usual thanks to ARGOTOM , for the latest CFL news. :thup: :thup: :thup:

What is amazing is that have not even announced the entertainment yet and we have no idea who will be playing in the GREY CUP at this time. :thup: :rockin: :cowboy:

rumour is , the police will be playing halftime.

they play toronto 2ice in july, and have just announced, conveniently, they are doing another show in toronto in november.

That is what I am thinking , and they may also play the tail gate that costs $200 per ticket before the game. :thup: :rockin:

The police have just added their 3rd show at the A.C.C. [top ticket] $225 :thdn:

Yeah, but the November show for The Police is slated for the 8th.. a good two weeks before GC. However, given the tradition of Toronto being a "second home", I'd totally be suprised if The Stones played the tailgate/halftime.