I have heard it quite a bit over the last few days over various radio stations here in the big smoke.
How Argo season tickets will ensure the purchasor in getting Grey Cup tickets, with now less then 20,000 left. Meaning about 32,000 are sold.
I can tell you how this is the earliest I have heard season tickets going on sale and no doubt the GC push is the reason.
The ad also says how the GC tickets will go back on sale to the general public March 1.

Great news but can Hog town party!

Well Red that is the $64,000 question and after living here, call me from Missouri.
Somehow I doubt it and hopefully I am wrong,but we shall certainly find out in due course.

Well it is to bad really. Toronto is a world class city but can not seem to figure out how to bring the fun into the National Championship. It is like hey I will leave it up to this guy to do it. It should be a time when the fans of Toronto come out and just ahve some fun with the rest of the fans. Hope it happens for the good people of Toronto.

It's got to be "vogue, the in thing" or it won't sell I am afraid.
Ever so slowly the CFL and the Argos have made inroads, but like your posting, the wannabee "world class city" measures itself by US comparison.
Sad isn't it, here we have the biggest sporting event and single most unifying show in the country, but to most of the citizens they couldn't care less.

It can be done ... even in Toronto
... the key is to have a "central CFL Grey Cup village" downtown

We have had trouble doing Grey Cups in Vancouver .... but the 2005 week was fantastic

Yes 3rd the Argo owners with Pelley fronting have stated they will try the “village” with Front St. and the Convention Center being the hub and shutting down some streets for the event.
With various tents, singers and rumour being how the Police and Sting will play at halftime.
Of course, the Vanier Cup will be played on the Saturday.
There is no question the Argos are going all out to make this a happening and if it doesn’t work, well then I can’t think of anytone topping this effort.
Good luck Argos.

There has to be a big participation by the populous as well. Have they forgotten they are Canadian or are they not. The Grey Cup is Canadian and a fun event to participate in. Get out enjoy meeting others from this fine nation. Have fun let your hair done and party. Think of it as Hell freezing over and the Leafs winning the Stanely Cup!

the Argos should have Tried(if they haven't) to lock people into long term Season ticket Deals.

meaning: Lock down for 3 years pay 50% of the Total by mid may, 30% in year two and remaining 20% in year three.

Total Discount over three year deal an extra 5% off. (Plus added Bonuses like some Argo merchandise, hat + blanket + shirt)

Bombers should have done it last year as Winnipeggers love deals and locking those Season ticket buyers due to the Grey cup to 3 year deals would have secured the teams finacial security for 3 years.(also gives the team a boost if those guys all walk after year one due to the fact they paid for around 1.5 Seasons)

It could be like: Previous season ticket holders could re-new to a one year deal but are given three year option.
General public gets three year option Starting December 1st.
General public gets chance at one year option in Febuary
Group/flex tickets come available March 15th
Single game Grey cup tickets come out April 1st.