i HOPE Gibson is putting an offensive game plan together that can combat the ARGOS very skilled and physical secondary

With Willie Pile as i big physical import safety that gives them the ability to take chances and play tighter .

the Ticats will have to estabalish a running game and of course stop Boyd .

LAST GAME IN Toronto we eeked out a win late with the ARGOS fumble of a punt ....

ARGOS have established a running game and very good pass defence
al they need now is a decent passing game and they will be true contenders for the GREY CUP

I hope the cats can come to Toronto with an imaginative offensive game plan that exploits the ARGOS weaknesses or there will be a lot of 2 and outs

Good to see some of these guys coming onto the Practice Roster ..not sure i am a fan of AJ HARRIS however

On Wednesday, the Cats moved Fish (from Injured) and MacKay (Reserve) to the PR, Gibbs (Reserve) to Injured, and added Eddie Steele (PR) to the 46-man roster, most likely to be one of this week's 4 Reserves. The Steele move was forced by the Argos bid to acquire him earlier this week. Somebody else, either from the Injured List (Heyward or B. Johnson) or one off the PR will have to be added to the 46 today. Whoever it is, will get paid in full this week but, again, likely as a Reserve.

Depth Chart, now available, shows Belton Johnson is the extra addition to the 46:

One change is the starting line-up -- Schmidt ahead of D. Brown.
The Reserves will almost certainly be DeWit, Reid, Steele and B. Johnson, so among those dressing this week, there's no change from last week other than Schmidt starting.

The problem is not the offense - scoring 30-35 points per game does not reflect a problem in the offensive side.
What is offensive is the defense, where we cannot hold a lead worth squat.
So, lay off Gibson for now. If our defense can tighten up, we have a good shot at 2 points....

:cowboy: :cowboy: :cowboy:

I am more worried about the Argo Special teams they are playing top notch as a unit. O shea is going to try some trick and treat plays on us for sure :twisted: we don't want to get burned............