Argos free agency - Salary Cap?

Is there a posted cap space per team anywhere? Hard to think Toronto has been able to do what they have done within the limits. I guess the players may have given discounts?

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Toronto has never been fined for violating league rules...unlike hmmmm Saskatchewan what twice? thrice?

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Just because they've never been fined doesn't mean they haven't gone over the cap. They just received a pass on the rule violation.

There has never been any official info on SMS spending, apart from a few after-the-fact notifications of violations. Fans love to speculate and accuse other teams of breaking the rules, but it is always purely speculative.

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MLSE is essentially running the CFL like it or not ....Its only a matter of time before the CFL will be under one ownership MLSE

I too am working off of speculation - but hard to argue that all these guys were let go or not able to agree on a new salary - - to sign with the Argos for less; at least not all of them. Granted there is time to make deep cuts before the season starts.

You could be right, kind of like Vince McMahon owning the XFL.
But if they are running the league right now then let's get them to start the season in June, if no fans in the stands

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They may well have already made the necessary cuts. They shed about $600k in salary paid in 2019 to two guys: Derel Walker and SJ Green. Other departures also factor in.

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There is no way that they are not going to go over this year. Look at the number of free agents they picked up all of them left their former clubs because they wanted more money. The Bombers might be another team that might be over as well.

Till they announce a line-up in week one of the season, teams can be projected to be five million over the cap, it means absolutely nothing. In fact they can pretty much do as they wish until they submit their first report to the league at midpoint through the season.

With offers being pretty much the same from all teams.

I think players are gravitating to Toronto is because of Mike Pinball, he is one of the most talented communicators there has ever been in Pro sports.

Winnipeg likely is drawing interest because of their stability at the GM and HC positions and the fact they are the most likely team to get playoff money out of which as far as I know still the same amounts, meaning in an age of salary cuts becomes an even bigger incentive for a player or agent.

Montreal it is a combination of two things. The team had the highest numbers of free agents not brought back and many were making real money. Bowman, Pipkin, Muamba, Posey, Sutton and more to come freed up quite a bit of money. The other was The Elf repatriating many of his ex UM and Laval players, he knew well.

This is all true - but as a GM - Pin Ball may not want to cut players he offers large deals to just to get under the cap at some point during camp or week to week. That would work against the trust he needs to have (which being Pin Ball he does have) with these guys and future players. It would be nice to see a published list like on "Cap Friendly" or "Spotrac".

Many of us here have argued for years that contracts should be public. This would avoid the speculating that prompted the league to go into damage control this week.

The Argos have made some nice signings to improve their defense which was the team's achilles heel last season. WHEN we start the season at BMO Field this year, we'll see a great improvement in the team and record.

WHEN we start the season?

That is great not only for the Argos but the league but one has to wonder what cuts will come at camp to stay under the cap?

sorry but what was the damage control?


There are a lot of good point made here. My hypothesis is that the Argos are going towards aiming for the cap.

Last month it was reported that the Commish was recommending teams to spend closer to the floor. Let's say that was like 4 million or so. I think the Argos said screw it. Spend the extra 1.15 million to hit the cap. Lets win now, and also develop players in the draft.

And yes, Having Mr. Clemons is the key in this short term and long term. He knows how to talk, and has the utmost respect in all off pro sports.

If there was a CFL team in Greenland, and Mr. Clemons was the team President, he can convince you to sign with him. People want to play for him.

I think Greenland maybe too far away for expansion but there is always Anchorage! I know you were kidding - should make for an interesting training camp (thinking they will hit the field this year) and interested to see how all the egos fit with a brand new coach etc.

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