Argo's flying under the radar

A lot of focus has been on the Argo's off the field. However, with no TC or pre season interuptions they have a pretty good lineup entering game 1. Even if it is a home game vs the ESKS in Alberta.
The Dline looks to be pretty stout. Opo and Foley have been joined by Vega at DE.
On the interior a couple of new import DTs but with some good pro experience. Leing has been better than good and Waud the only true rookie in the bunch. Foley, Leing, and Waud are all Nationals.
LBs. Greenwood had a great TC by all accounts and looks ready to be a top WILLLB. Issac comeback at SAMLB should fair well with the ESKS run first attack. While Greg Jones starts his 5th pro season second in the CFL with Argo's has moved back to his more natural MLB position.
An overlooked but pretty good set of experienced pro DBs with National S Gabrial a rising star and Matt Black a vet with plenty of experience on D and Teams.

On Offense Trevor Harris looks very very good. AD MAC comes in football shape from the AFL and is healthy. Knows the offense and could see him in some wildcat packages that Trestman rarely used but Milanovich is open to. Adding a healthy for now Whitaker after a full TC in Montreal should fit in nicely.
The Oline a nice mix of experienced pro's both National and International some new to CFL some veterans.
3 new import receivers but all have levels of pro experience outside CFL. A healthy X factor in Hybrid National Woodson.
TE Robinson is out for the season but look out for second year TE Dupois to fill in nicely. A Lavoi type out of Sherby and the Q.

Ricky Ray's injury combined with a horrible schedule is why many have overlooked the boatmen. I think they expect the argos to have a big hole to climb out of by the time Ricky returns.

I have no idea what to expect from this team with Trevor Harris at the controls.

Totally agree with the OP.
I think Trevor Harris will be the toast of CFL soon.
They could be very good. This "home game" in Fort Mac means nothing. Just another road game. And the Argos have been a very good road team.
They may not win today, but could, and they are a very underrated crew IMO.
Creehan as DC is a bit scary perhaps.

With the Argo's first 3 weeks in EDM, SASK, and CAL. I suspect that they will be staying out west for those three weeks before returning home for their bye week in week 4.
Their games are well spread out starting on Sat 6/27, SUN 7/5, then MON 7/13. Which gives them a full regular week of practice between games. week four bye before they travel to the coast on Fri 7/24. that 10 days between games gives them a chance to come home and get a couple days off before returning to southern Ontario for a game on Mon 8/3. Another long break between games.
Once they return home 3 of their next 4 games and 5 of their next 7 will be in Southern Ontario.

If they do stay out west for games 1-3 that could be an advantage for them to bond with some of the new players like Whitaker and Vega being a big part of what they will be doing. As well as extend the time for Harris, AD MAC, Ray (if he makes the trip), OC and former CFL QB Brady, and the new receivers all to get on the same page a lot quicker.

The Argo's what is flying under the radar?

A lot of focus has been on the Argo's what off the field?

Lose the apostrophes, steve.

Oops. . . season's started, okay, no more grammar from me until after the Grey Cup, I promise! :smiley:

The team and how they will do under the radar with all the off the field stuff to deal with and the attention of much of the Argo related headlines in the press, is a good way of putting it. I’m sure the players and coaches are just planning as usual, to be the best team they can be and hopefully land in the national championship game in Winnipeg this year. I’m sure they as players and coaches expect nothing less. With Ray out for a bit, will be interesting.

Argos are in tough with their schedule and qb issue. They haven't risen to radar level yet.

Even with Ricky Ray, I was expecting them to struggle. They just do not have the defense. Front 4 looks pretty good but behind them it's slim pickings. That secondary is invisible when compared to Montreal or Calgary or Sask. Argos D is probably the weakest in the league. This is a huge concern. But they are in a division where 7 wins just might get you 2nd place so if they can survive until they get their QB back there is definitely hope.

I think people are gonna be surprised by just how much Trevor Harris developed.

Well he's looking pretty darn good today. . . and against a normally tough defence too.

If he keeps playing like this, Ray will be traded. Braley will make sure it's to the Lions, too.

RR has no current trade value.
As for Harris, let's hope this is a snowball effect.

I've now seen three of their games (both preseason and tonight) and I am very confident in asserting that you are dead wrong about their secondary. Those guys can cover and are real ball hawks. And Gabriel is looking to be in for an all-star-type season.

They also have two excellent LBs in Jones and Grenwood, and a bunch of d-linemen who are fast and aggressive.

Argos under Harris looked pretty good. It will be interesting to see what their record will be after this western road trip. No team will be taking them lightly after today's game. I would like to see the Argos continue to do well just so there is some competition in the East.

Seriously?? The offense had no finish. They should have had twice the points they had with the numbers Harris put up and the penalty yardage they were gifted. They failed to take advantage of penalties (3 tries from the 3 to get a convert is not a positive), failed to take advantage of turnovers and if not for their D (which most expected to be their weakness) they would have plain failed.

This was all smoke and mirrors. A great performance by their QB that only that the offense could not finish and an Edmonton that just never showed up. After Saskatchewan and Calgary I'll be surprised if they arrive in BC better than 1-2.