ARGOS first in the EAST

OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!! :smiley:

ALLEN .........who turns 42 FRIDAY, threw for 4 TD they routed MONTREAL in MONTREAL............ :lol: :smiley:

JOHN AVERY , also had a great night.

ARGOS are 1st in the far! :lol: :smiley:

This looks good!

yes finally. its been a long reign for the als but it has come to end. its starting to feel like 1996 and 97 all over again.

You got a long was to go before that happens.

Funny thing is when Montreal wins they are overrated or lucky and people find some reason not to admit they are the best. Now that they lost a few, Their reigh is over and every one is excited to beat them. Why is that?????

Yeah and also The Argos are the new Beasts of the East, when they have one more win over the Als. And there is still 2 more games between these 2 teams.

Ottawa Renegades are more of a threat then the Argos.

oh please. you guys take your losses to the argos worse than the lions fans do. bite yur lip, and realize everything isn't honky dory in montreal. please, except that you are no longer near as great as toronto in hockey, football, and base--sorry, forgot you lost your team.

Oh thats right we forgot
We cant disagree with Toronto Fans

As for the Lions fans we will have to wait untill they lose to see.

At least, we still have the edge over Toronto in class and humility.

because they suck this year

im assuming your from quebec, and i found that funny that someone from quebec is telling an ontarian that they dont have class....
and has for ro1313's comments, im not sure what you getting at by saying "Oh thats right we forgot
We cant disagree with Toronto Fans", but if you come into a thread titled Argos First In the East, then your probably going to have some people diagreeing with you. especially if you want to back someone who says ottawa is more of a threat then t.o is. but ill give you a break because your team has a lot of work to do, after all you wheren't to worried about avery.

I guess someone else has noticed that the Argos have become what they hate. Now you guys are the over cocky ***holes. Must be something in the water over in the east.

I would like to know what is it that you Toronto fans want from us.
You beat us and we have admited it without any problem but that doesn't seem to be enought for you. You have used redicilous words like pounded, and have gone on and on about how great Avery was last night as if you are trying to bait us into trying to make up excuses so that you can feel better about your selves.
You wont be happy until we proclaim our loyalty to the Argos.

Sorry but its not going to happen. You won last night and we congratulate you for it but we are not going to start saying that the Argos are the greatest thing in Football this year.

Geeze RnR is that they best you can come up with?
Any you just proved my point if they suck why does it mean so much that when some one beats them?

actually it wasn't really what you said. it was what ryoon said. i dont think saying ottawa is more of a threat than t.o is excepting a loss.


That might actually mean something if you could spell :lol:

Keep going you are only proving my previous point.

ha ha ha , i guess you do not know how fun it is kicking the snot out of a cocky ----- loser team like the Als, with cocky -------- like ed philion who has no reason to be cocky because he missed to many tackles to count last night

u were emberrased last night, kwame with the poke in the eye is finally acting like a true french man, play cheap to win, Avery emberrased you last night, backer did , U SUCK

I root for the Als and after winning 120 games in the last 10 years it just isnt fun anymore
Seeing how you have so few wins go ahead and enjoy it

nooo see im a eskimo fan, but get alot of pleasure seeing you boys get raped by the argos:)