Argos fire Popp

…under different rules, with no restrictions on American players. But I take your point. He did great things in the CFL. And in those early years, he was a very hard worker / bird dog for talent. I’d never take that away from him.

Here’s a couple of bits from The Insiders Say, including speculation Chamblin and Murphy conspired against Popp. Although he likely was going to be fired in any case.

• It’s been kind of crazy here for a few weeks. We all knew Pinball was getting some kind of role. Some of us thought he would be the new team president, some of us thought he would coach again, but none of us thought he would be the GM. We just knew it wasn’t good around here. Jim (Popp) and John (Murphy) were having problems and Corey (Chamblin) and Murph formed an alliance. Jim is a vet, and we could tell he knew what was going on. Now that we have answers, we’ve got to do our jobs and win some football games. Losing is on all of us, not just Jim.

• The firing of Popp wasn’t a surprise at all, seeing he sold out (Marc) Trestman and didn’t get results after making that change. Pinball as GM wasn’t surprising, either, seeing he was there as an advisor already. I heard he wanted to coach, but I imagine it was easier to fire the guy with the expiring contract. The surprise to me is Murphy, as I don’t see him and Pinball as a match personality-wise. Then again, nothing really surprises me in this business.

I’d feel sorry for Popp, except for the fact that he stabbed Trestman in the back and fired him in a really cold and unprofessional way (that 1:00 am phone call). Reap as you sow, Jim.

Popp certainly had his say in this, but the phone call came from Argos President Bill Manning who you would expect to be a little more polished.

The issues with Trestman were his refusal to play Franklin and Carter who it was felt would help Argo attendance. Now if you are the Head Coach but your GM and President are urging you to play certain players, do you acquiesce or refuse? I guess open to debate.

The head coach has to be in control of his personnel, who plays, etc. If he isn’t that’s team dysfunction. The GM’s job is to assemble the roster. The coach’s job is to field the best team he thinks he can with the players provided.

As for Manning, that’s true, but to me it’s pretty clear Popp threw Trestman under the bus to save his own skin. So Chamblin and Murphy doing the same to him is only what he deserves.

But look at what these two players did this year. NADA. So Trestman was proven right. Carter regressed, even more, this season. I would not consider him in the top 40 or 50 receivers in the league at this point.

So firing Popp makes sense. The rest of them will likely be invited to look for work and told there is nothing for them past the end of their contract.