Argos fire Popp

Should we be interested?

I posted a comment on the main forum, which I’ll cut and paste here: “Serves Popp right. He stabbed Trestman in the back – Trestman, the guy (apart from Don Matthews) most responsible for any success Popp ever had as a GM, only one year out from a Grey Cup win. Then he hired the no-talent hack Chamblin as a CYA move. You reap what you sow, Jim. Your day in this league is done.”

In a word. . .


Pinball Clemons new Argos GM.

No need for Popp in mtl that ship has sailed…

AGREE ! ! !

My curiosity is how tightly the Management Cap will be applied … Pinball is a new hire from what I can see … as is John Murphy (New Vice-President of Player Personnel) … this season and next

Murphy is already in the organization under a consultancy role. Not sure if that’s part of this year’s cap. Pinball’s salary will likely be new in the football ops side of the ledger.

Popp’s 600K salary is coming off the books next year and if they have mulligan on the cap (my understanding is 1 for every 5 years). Use that on Chamblin if they need to. I don’t think they’ll be too tight next year.

Popp got Trestman to hand him a GC ring with a team built by the previous GM.
If you look close. Popp hasn’t done anything of worth in the CFL in almost a decade.

Got spoiled and lazy.

Als should hurry and lockup Khari Jones…

Really both Popp & Trestmans philosophy on how to build a successful CFL team just doensnt work anymore. It was time for trestman & Popp to move on IMO.

What are you talking about? Trestman won a GC two years ago. But he needs a QB that is elite to execute his 15 play drives up the field. I suspect he’s gonna tear the XFL in its first season.

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with Trestman. Look at his body of work over the past ten years it speaks for itself. Sure, he requires a very specific type of pure pocket-passer (ball control focus) to run a good offense, but most coaches are going to have a type of QB they prefer. He gave Popp three Grey Cups in 10 years and his reward was being fired at 1:00 in the morning a year after that Grey Cup, by a guy trying to save his own job.

If we want to get technical he gave Popp 3GC wins plus 1 appearance in 7 seasons!

And if Brian F. Bratton doesn’t drop that last potential TD pass from Calvillo in the end zone against Toronto in 2012, who knows? Could have been four wins.

I don’t want to devalue Jim Popp’s legacy in the CFL, I really don’t. But looking back, man … I don’t know. Yes, he worked really hard in the early days, and in some areas (DB, receiver, O-line), he was second to none for a long time, but he walked into an incredibly stable situation in Montreal (essentially the old Baltimore Stallions) and then had absolute rock-solid stability at the QB position up until 2013 (first Tracy Ham, then Anthony Calvillo). As for his head coach hires, exactly two were successes – Don Matthews and Marc Trestman. Everyone else? From Charlie Taafe to Rod Rust to Dan F. Hawkins to Tom MF Higgins, the hires were nothing to write home about.

Popp benefited from a two great QBs, one of them generational (Calvillo), for the majority of his successful time in Montreal. The second that changed, the team ceased to be competitive, and his work ethic had burned out long before Calvillo’s final season. Trestman and Ray handed him a Cup in Toronto, but he threw Trestman under the bus to mask his own failures. Now he’s gone.

Surrounding yourself with the right people is a talent in itself, so that is to his credit. Without Jim Popp there is no Jim Barker, no Noel Thorpe, no Chris Jones, no Murphy no Trestman and on and on. Looks like he was right about Vernon Adams too…Just didn’t have an owner patient enough.

Jim Popp is heading to the CFL Hall of Fame, no question.

The year he moved out of Montreal and moved back to North Carolina was the beginning of a huge slide. So the first decade and a .700 win percentage is Hall of Fame Stuff, the Last decade and his .285 win percentage is much less impressive.

I don’t see him at the NCAA level but I can see him taking a scouting job in the NFL or Personnel guy in the XFL assuming they don’t call Trestman for references.

Yeah, fair enough. And I agree that for a long time, he was GREAT at surrounding himself with the right people. Not questioning his HoF trajectory.

But a lot of things had to go right for him for a long time, things that aren’t easily replicated, in order for him to succeed. I agree that the move to NC from Montreal was when the rot started to set in. Our scouting went down, which was masked for a long time by the elite talent we had on roster (Calvillo, Cahoon, Bourke, and guys like Richardson in their prime). And then he started to lose the forest for the trees – not pushing back against being made HC again and again to fill the fired coach vacancies, that absolutely awful episode when he went on a tirade and told the players they’d be on the street selling drugs unless they improved (remember that?).

It just fell apart for him as soon as specific people left (Trestman and Calvillo, in essence), and he never showed that he could build a winning tradition after it crumbled. Toronto was a one-year gift. Compare to Buono who built long-lasting legacies in Calgary and then BC. Popp is still HoF worthy and rightfully so. But he was also lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time for Anthony Calvillo’s HoF career.

Popp was the GM who built the incredibly stable stallions but

The Alouettes were far from the Old Baltimore Stallions.
Baltimore was not bound by the import rule so they had 0 Canadians when they won the cup in 1995 The New Als consisted of far less than half the players that were on the Stallions roster. Even the HC was new because Mathews did not head north with the team

Lucky to be there or smart enough to bring in AC in the first place?

My point is that the team was not your average expansion team filled with other teams’ rejects. They had a very good nucleus of players on which to build.

Lucky to be there or smart enough to bring in AC in the first place?
Both. All success is timing and luck as well as talent. Popp deserves credit for what he's done. But the last few years of Jim Popp's CFL career made it clear that he did not have the ability to replicate what he had done. Once AC and Trestman went, that was it for him. And like I said, he really only had two coaches who brought him his Cups: Don Matthews and Marc Trestman. The latter being someone Popp knew through his father.

He also got lazy once he moved to NC. Scouting fell off. Once Chris Jones, who was brought in by Don Matthews left, there was an immediate drop-off. Noel Thorpe was Maciocia’s hire initially, and then Trestman’s before he left.

Anyway, Popp deserves his place in the HoF. But the last seven or eight years definitely diminished his legacy IMO.

I added something while you were posting

Popp had a good nucleus to start with…but he was the GM of the Stallions so he was the one who built that nucleus