Argos fire Kent Austin

I'm a bit surprised in one way as they seemed to really want him back in the off season...but it seemed to me Austin give the impression (by body language) that he didn't want Ricky Williams around, not a good way to keep the President and owners in your corner. Also he was the one who wanted Spergon Wynn I guess instead of drafting Val St. Germaine from Ottawa...bad decision. Who fills the OC role? Adam Rita?

I thought Kent Austin's firing puts a stain on the Toronto franchise that will be hard to be rid of. Also, it doesn't make Clemons look too good.

How can the CFL develop coaches with this kind of bush treatment of an up and comer like Austin.

There is nothing BUSH about this. PINBALL , is not the ARGOS G.M. Adam RITA is. They both answer to KEITH PELLEY.

The ARGOS were averaging 2 first downs a quarter per game. Yes , the ARGOS had many injuries as well but AUSTIN's offence lacked imagination and was easy to defend against. :thdn:

By the way the ARGOS beat HAMILTON tonight 20 to 2 :thup:

I think Kent Austin would make a good Head Coach...he would put a bit of fear in the players like the coaches do in the NFL. Some guys seem to need that to play their best. They don't like it at the time but it works.