Argos Fire DC

8) Argo GM and Head Coach, Jim Barker, announced this morning that he has fired DC Chip Garber.
  He will be replaced by DB coach and former Argo and TiCat player, Orlando Steinauer.

   Barker said the firing was not just a result of last nights Argo loss, but an accumulation of things since last season.

WOW, the offense sucks so Barker fires the Defensive Co-Ordinator. :roll:

Figures this happens before they play us, so we have no idea of what Steinauer likes to do.

It doesn't matter what their D does.. they can't score so we just have to score 1 more point than them to win!

It is odd that they fire the DC when clearly the offense is horrible...... mind you watching last night, the D looked almost as bad

The ar**'s defence spends most of the games on the field and fighting bad field position and by the end of the game they're tired and probably fed up with carrying most of the load, while the offence continues to take the games off. Barker then fires the DC. He then turns around and hires, for the replacement, an inexperienced former player with his defence and team in crisis. Yep, it makes about as much sense as keeping Lemon as your starter.

Let's see Barker explain that logic to a national audience on the next episode of the Extra Yard or Barker's last ride into the sunset.

barker has clearly lost his mind.
many bad decisions on his part this season.
he has some strange love affair with an offence that doesnt contribute anything and always leaves the defence in terrible situations.
barker has gone from COTY to worst COTY, IMO.

Garber was the Ticat DB coach in 09.

I feel guilty for feeling bad for the Argos.

I'm so confused. :?

Barker is the problem in Toronto. A terrible coach and GM. As long as he is at the helm the Argos are going nowhere. Attendance will keep dropping if the product on the field stinks. :cowboy:

Disagree. I think they need a bona fide CFL QB.

This year's team is averaging 21.3 points per game, last year's 20.7

After 5 games this year, they are last in yards gained passing with 217/game , and last year they were dead last with only 221.

We can say without any confusion whatsover that this year "ARGOS SUCK".Sorry Bob but I tell it like I see it!

Well, who makes the decision as to who is going to play QB? The coach who is also responsible for who is on the team because of his title at GM. So, the blame for their woes is right where it should be in the GM/coachs’ lap. :rockin:

Argos move is only the start of this snowball.

Depending upon who wins tonight, look for either Sask or BC to fire a co-ordinator this weekend.
(Sask will probably replace Doug Berry)

You make a very good point!

Oh well, I may shed a tear.......IN MY NEXT LIFE ! :lol:

PS. The Argos really need to get out of that (mostly empty) mausoleum. And the echo in there is disturbing to say the least. :?

Did you watch The Extra Yard last night? What's weird is that Barker said that the offense is not good enough to win a Grey Cup and said that if it didn't improve changes would be made. There is absolutely no improvement, yet he has made no changes. It's mind boggling that the change he does make is to the defense.

You won't have a winning record without a decent QB. Need I say more.

I also remember him talking about how well his defence did in one of the games. So the decision to fire Garber doesn't make much sense to me. It seems that Barker got frustrated with a 1-5 start, and took out that frustration on Garber, making him the scapegoat.

And in the game thread for their last game, we talked about Barker making pointless coaching decisions. You could add this to the list of his pointless decisions. From what I saw, when their D looked bad, it was because of several consecutive two-and-outs by the offence. If anything, this firing will make that team worse.

True. If they had a QB who is better than the appropriately-surnamed Lemon, then Garber likely would still have a job.

Exactly.... the time of possession (especially the 3rd quarter) killed the Argos D last night.. not their actual play.