Argos finishing record this season versus recent years

So, Argos went 9 & 9 this year, in the 4 years I have been following the Argos this is the best I have seen them do.

2011 6 & 12
2010 can't remember.
2009 3 & 15 or somthing.

Looking forward to seeing them beat Edmonton on the 11th.

Considering the Argos went 4-5 in the second half it's not too surprising to see them finish at 500, and it could be my imagination, but I did see some hint of improvement the last two games. But, who knows which Argo team will show up for the eastern semi. Could end up a shoot out.

Not much of a fan. Can't remember the only other season in the last 5 they had a .500 record and made the playoffs?

Lol i couldnt remember the exact numbers for 2010...

Bottom line - Argos are ripe for the picking for a win agains't them. Go Eskies. :thup:

The Argos are not that good, obviously.

Hate the Eskies more than the Argos, so hope the blew team blows them out of the water (don't think anyone will get past Montreal). :wink:

Since their Grey Cup win in 04 when they finished 10-7-1

2005: 11-7 (Damon Allen)
2006: 10-8 (Damon Allen)
2007: 11-7 (Micheal Bishop)
2008: 4-14 (Kerry Joseph)
2009: 3-15 (Kerry Joseph)
2010: 9-9 (Cleo Lemon)
2011: 6-12 (Cleo Lemon/Steven Jyles)
2012: 9-9 (Ricky Ray/Jarious Jackson)

In brackets are the QB's that started in those years. They're heading in the right direction. Those Joseph years killed them.

Argos are good enough to beat the ti-cats on a regular basis... :rockin:

This is the first season since 2007 that the Argos won the Ballard Cup. I wouldn't call winning the season series once in five year beating a team on a regular basis.