Argo's finish 3rd as Toronto's most popular team

The readers choice awards in the Toronto Sun, had the Argo's rated as the 3rd most popular team in T.O. The Jay's finished 1st followed by the Leafs in 2, with the Argos' at 3rd. TFC and Raptors finished out of the running. TFC got a woping 2 votes

wow, if the Jays are the #1 team in the City, I feel very sorry for them..

Jays had 2 years of anything. and have stunk ever since.

they can't even get close to half full in the Skydome for any games.

I laugh ... :lol:

I call BS. nobody cares about the Jays, Toronto is infatuated (for some reason) with the Leafs. I don't believe that survey for a second.

I laugh too. The Jays have nearly won as many championships as the Riders and the Jays have only been around since 1977. MLB is a 32 team league to boot.

Them's fightin' words!

I agree. No way in hell Toronto likes the Jays more than the Leafs. :lol:

jee funny, I didn't know that the Riders were involved in this poll the City of Toronto did... are we the Toronto Roughriders?

The Jays were actually successful from 1983 to 1993, though admittedly that is a long time ago, it's not as like they sucked from 1977-1991 and were good in 1992-1993 all of a sudden.

Haha, yeah and Phoenix Coyotes are Arizona's most popular team hehe.
Hopefully one day we can say the argos are back to second most popular, only to the leafs (which is bad enough, lol).

This is the same survey that places Best Buy (followed by Future Shop and the Apple store) as the best computer store in Toronto, the best chinese food is at Mandarin and apparently McDonald's french fries are second to none.

Hey! McDonald's does make a damn good fry! :thup:

Funny I laugh at you all the time for living in Edmonton. :lol:

Look, I think there is going to be a big push on soon for a baseball specific stadium in Toronto with taxpayer money on the line and there are a fair group of baseball fanatics in Toronto and area, and many in the media, who want this. I wouldn't be surprised if such a survey is behind this. And that's fine, it's how the world works, you shape it the way you want if you have the power to do so.

Great link posting and providing context for people who have no clue of what you're talking about.... :thup:


Sounds like an election in a third world junta ruled dictatorship stuffing ballot boxes with names of dead or unknown people.