Argos fined for criticizing officiating

Reasons I like this:

  1. Andrus got dinged for $1,000 for speaking his mind to the media. Meanwhile, the penalty for similar transgressions by Arland Bruce and Byron Parker: off the team!

  2. Andrus' original comments show that every team thinks the officials are (for mysterious, unnamed reasons) conspriring against them.

  3. The Argos got fined!

The issue for Andrus and Moreno was not a cosnpiracy against their team but the apparent inconsistency in the calls. Like why a hold one week isn't the following week.

An Argo-Cat fan

I do agree with them! It has been HORRIBLE this season!

That is his main beef. But check out the Toronto Sun story:

"I look at the tape and [b]I see what we do and I see what other teams do and what they get away with[/b]," Andrus said yesterday. "It's unbelievable. I'm just saying the stuff is not consistent. Game to game, crew to crew, there isn't consistency. What is a penalty one week is not a penalty the next week.
Sounds to me like he feels his team is feeling more pain from the inconsistency than the other teams.

In case of any doubt, the rule is: assume the Argos are cry-babies.

I think overall MTL got it the worst! they LITERLY Lost cuz of the officals haha

The refs in the West are terrible. 8)

Agree with inconsistency.

On one play in last Cats game in Montreal, Bruce was definitely being hauled down just before the ball arrives and no call (he did catch the pass... would a flag have been throw if he did not hold on to the ball?)

Shouldn't matter as a penalty is a penalty, which holds true for the first play offside against the Argos that negated their TD. If a defensive player is closer than 1 yard from the line of scrimmage, penalty (we've certainly been burned by close and even questionable off sides in the past).

IMO, (last Argo game), cheap call against Thompson on his interception when he went after the ball and there was incidental contact with an Argo receiver that went down (their legs crossed).

Recently, no call on obvious face mask (open field, ball carriers head ripped around) that's missed or not called by official 10 feet away but called by the referee more than 30 yards away. Also a few horse collars or neck tackles recently that haven't been called.

In Bombers-Als game, deep in Bombers end zone, Winnipeg DB is literally face masking Al's receiver (not just screening his vision but actually with his hand up and under the receivers face mask) and no call.

Some calls and non-calls leave you shaking your head.