Argos finally have the RIGHT stuff:

The Argos have finally found their niche and have the team that we need to go all the way to the Grey Cup final and repeat as the Grey Cup Champions this year.As we say here in Toronto--Argoos!.

they have turned UP the heat and should be RED HOT come playoff time.

they have 2 straight wins, and have 2 more games against hamilton and they should have 4 straight wins heading into the playoffs.

don't forget to get your TICKETS to the Scotiabank East Division Finals in Toronto!!!!

sorry...double post

Wo wo cowboy.... There is lots of football to play before the East Division Final.

cowboys are from alberta...last i checked, im from ontario.

people in ontario count thier chickens before they hatch....especially when the eggs are OH-SO-GOLDEN!!!

Yes they are hot right now. So much for any Western team koff koff RIDERS koff koff actually thinking the crossover route will be a cakewalk to the GC.