Argos Fans

They won today in front of 44,000 people. The bandwagon is filling up.

Bowl stadiums are built mainly with baseball in mind since a baseball field is simply much more round in nature, obviously, than a rectangular football field. Football is definitely secondary in such stadiums which is why the NFL, one reason, don't want to play in bowl stadiums any longer. New NFL stadiums simply don't resemble a bowl, oblong at times yes with two sides much longer than the other two sides, but not round.


"The main impetus for building an enclosed sports venue came following the Grey Cup game in November 1982, held at the outdoor Exhibition Stadium. The game was played in a driving rainstorm that left most of the crowd drenched, leading the media to call it “the Rain Bowl”. As many of the seats were completely exposed to the elements, thousands watched the game from the concession section. To make a bad experience even worse, the washrooms overflowed. In attendance that day was Bill Davis, the Premier of Ontario, and the poor conditions were seen by the largest TV audience ever in Canada (over 7,862,000 viewers) to that point.[16] The following day, at a rally at Toronto City Hall, tens of thousands of people who attended the game began to chant, “We want a dome! We want a dome!”[citation needed]

Seven months later, in June 1983, Premier Davis formally announced that a three-person committee would look into the feasibility of building a domed stadium at Exhibition Place. The committee consisted of Paul Godfrey, Larry Grossman and former Ontario Hydro chairman Hugh Macaulay.[17]

The committee examined various projects, including a large indoor stadium at Exhibition Place with an air-supported dome, similar to BC Place in Vancouver. In 1985, an international design competition was launched to design a new stadium, along with selection of a site. Some of the proposed sites included Exhibition Place, Downsview Airport, and York University. The final site was located at the base of the CN Tower not far from Union Station, a major railway and transit hub. The Railway Lands were a major Canadian National Railway rail switching yard encompassing the CNR Spadina Roundhouse (the desolate downtown lands were part of a master plan for revitalizing the area, which includes CityPlace). Ultimately the Robbie/Allen concept won because it provided the largest roof opening of all the finalists, and it was the most technically sound."

Paul Godfrey used the facade of Grey Cups to get a baseball first stadium built in Toronto. Remember Godfrey was a media guy and knew how to use the media well. He didn't want a thing to do with the CFL or Argos from my understanding, simply used both as wet rags to get it built under the guise of "Canadiana" and "culture".

At the time many NFL teams played in those bowl baseball first stadiums so it appeared ok but as we know as time went on, the NFL started getting their teams to have football first stadiums built and the rest is history. It's time the Argos get the heck out of the RC to get any respect really. And they are getting out! :thup:

As noted on a separate basis in the NFL to LA thread, the Oakland Raiders are the only remaining NFL team that shares its game facility with a baseball team (the Oakland Athletics or A’s). Their lease also expires this season, and so they are at a crossroads when the owners meet again in October. Though Alameda County still remains in consideration for a new stadium proposal such that the Raiders remain in Oakland, my bet is that Raiders will be the first team to move to L.A.

The NFL has for some time loathed the sharing of such facilities by its teams as shown by all the construction and moves to new facilities of either football or baseball teams since especially 2000.

For reasons you describe about the configuration of such a facility used for both football and baseball, it sure seems now far better to share facilities with a soccer team like there at BMO Field than with a baseball team.

I still think BMO is a bad choice because it sits on the same piece of ground the old CNE Stadium did, however, anything that gets them out of the Skydump is a step up and if BMO was the only viable solution then so be it. At least they are out of that dungeon and have no further connection with Rogers who have made their existence miserable.

They’re in something more fan friendly than Skydump, they are outside and no longer at the scheduling whim of Rogers, one of the most vindictive and petty corporations in this country. Go back for a Grey Cup if you have to, but I would rather not even see that game played there. I’m OK with no Grey Cup in Toronto. Put it in Ottawa or Hamilton, nothing to do with Rogers I just think Skydump is a horrible place to watch a football game.

Couldn’t agree with you more on that.

a couple major differences being that there will be a roof/awning over the stands at BMO to protect fans from inclement weather and also a more football specs configuration this time around as opposed to when CNE was reconfigured to house the Jays.

....leaves thread disappointed, thought it was going to be about making fun of Arhol fans :cry:

PS how many Arhol fans does it take to change a light bulb? Just one but good luck finding him.

Hahahaha im funny

I’ll reserve my judgement until the late summer/fall Argo games next year. It’s a done deal and it is a step up from Skydump so I’m not writing it off entirely. Hopefully the roof helps as much as some think it will because the old CNE Stadium could be a cold place after sunset even in late August. The lack of a ball diamond in one corner of the field will definitely make a huge difference in getting fans closer to the field.

No one should be belittling any league or team. The big four professional sports leagues have billion dollar TV deals and multi-million dollar players. When the CFL has ten teams (Atlantic Schooners) and has that type of TV revenue, which translates into player salaries, you won’t have worry about anyone belittling someone else…

ticats fan here. love the jays

I miss the expos.

As do I :cry: This guy was my hero and fav when I was a kid…Who could ever forget "Le Grande Orange " Rusty Staub :rockin: