Argos fans, will I meet you there?

I will be at the game on Sunday (the Toronto one, of course).

So I wanted to know, who may I add to the reel of Huddlites' pictures? Who will also be at the game and where will you sit?

I received my tickets today with a letter saying I will be in a private box along with ScotiaBank's sales and service's managers. I could still try to meet some of you unless you are so freakin' far away it would take me 30 minutes to find you.

section 132 row 14 with 'THE sign'

You netted a private box? Nice try trying to sneak down into the 100 and 200 levels then, but if ya can, I'll be in section 118, ht's in 224 (I think), and d_g's in 132. Personally, I'll be having lunch at the Hooters a few blocks north of the Dome before the game, but might take in some of the Streetfest on the south side of the stadium before kickoff. I believe ht and myself will be entering by Gate 5 (southeast part of the RC) whereas d_g will be entering by Gate 11 (southwest side).

third&ten, r u gonna wear your Purple jacket ( which u wore in all your pics ) to the game?....if so, then i know what to look for.

No DG. The skydome isn't open roofed so I will not wear that jacket (which I wear for the sole purpose of being warmth when its freezing outside). I guess I'll wear my Anwar Stewart's jersey (Can I do that in a private box or need I look like a well dressed fairweather fan? :stuck_out_tongue: )

u should wear a suit and a paper bag on your'll need it after Johnson is thu with the Als!...muHAHAHAHAA...that would look so funny!

I will be in section , 224A , in the end zone opposite the TRON…With 2 SIGNS! :smiley:

You can’t move from , level 100 to level 200. :wink:

I would go early and go to the MOLSON’s beer tent , the STREET Fest at gates 6 and 7…They start at , 11 am. :smiley: ARGO fans are pretty cool , and you will meet other MONTREAL fans there. :smiley:

BUT GO EARLY, to get a seat at the beer tent or the FEST. :wink: :smiley:

I'm five rows behind drumming god in section 133, and about 8 seats over. Section 132 and 133 meet halfway along a row. I'm the last 2 seats in 133 in the 19th row. Hope to see you there, 3 and 10.

I wish I could be there, I'll sent you a pic of me for your next lot of photos.

PAUL MOSSITTI , will be at the STREET FEST , signing autographs [starting at 11 am , R.C. south end]]

There will also be , the SCOTIA BANK , prize bus.

Get there EARLY , bring your signs!

in the words of Bill, one of the guys from the blue collar comedy tour, "here's your sign!"

I will also be there. Section 224. I will be wearing my 2005 Argos jersey (Clemons #31). Hope to see you there 3rd.

I have my sign all ready and will be proudly showing it off in section 112. I have also heard how Perry Lefko will be at the tailgate selling and signing his new book on Pinball. I have quickly looked at it and with the great photos, it appears as a cant miss.

the back-side of my sign says :

Back-2-Back ( picture of Grey Cup )
( Argo logo )rgos

My first sign is done!

I have a BIG CFL logo [not close to perfect] at the top.

In red / white and black. With the word COUNTRY beside the LOGO in black block letters.

Underneath is a huge NO / NFL in big black block letters.

nicely done.....

im so pumped up for tomorrows game...i really hope to see u guys there!

HT, do u watch seinfeld?

NO , not Seinfield , but look around STREET FEST or the MOLSON'S BEER TENT , around 12 pm.

We need numbers. I will be at one of those wharing my 2004 GREY CUP jacket [black] and my wife will have a sign as well. She is ASIAN.

we got a war-mentality'we need numbers'

my g/f is asian too....philipino.

WE have GOT GREAT TASTE IN WOMEN and FOOTBALL teams. :lol: :wink: :smiley:

This is WAR against a stupid PRESS. :wink:

My GF is Japanese, too bad I'm chreeing for the Al's in the East