ARGOS FANS..........B.C. vs. TORONTO....pre game.

Don’t forget that the game start time has been moved up to 6:45 pm , because of the banner…AND…don’t forget to come real early for the SUMMER FEST…party… on a closed street near BLUE JAY WAY…that is allot of fun …cheap beer as well. :arrow: :smiley:

Close, but not quite it. The game itself is still scheduled for 7pm. You’re right though hellothere, there is going to be a pregame ceremony to raise the GC banner and award the rings (although I heard they already got them at a party at the owner’s house?).

I’m not sure it’s a good idea to raise the GC banner in front of the team you beat. Would seem to be good motivation for the Leos for some revenge.

Can’t wait for opening day! 4 days to go

The party starts at 3 pm…on the closed off , BRENNER ST. near the ROGERS CENTRE.

Argo fans.

I love how you guys are doing the whole banner and rings presentation agains BC.

Totally rubbing it in their faces…

Good on you!!

Go Gades…(licking wounds)