Argos FA biggest needs are to re sign there own.

The Argos like may teams have some top FA's that have yet to sign.
One reason is that no one knows who Ottawa will go after and be able to out bid their current teams.
The other would be some coaching Changes where new coaches may want to take some of their former players.

Patrick Watkins leads that list. With Chris jones now HC in Edmonton the Argos D he built he will like to bring some with him and Watkins leads that list. Ottawa with only a starting safety would also love to have Watkins being the cornerstone of the DBs as their sshut down corner.

Rober McCune Ottawa drafted an argo Canadian MLB from the argos but would likley be in a back up role and Ottawa would be one team very interested.
Winnipeg also is in need of a starting MLB with Muamba gone. They need a starter whetehr it be an import of NI.
The Argos with Burke as their DC having McCune will be something that will be a definiete plus. Behind him is underated Canadian MLB James Yurichuk. Yurichuk when gotten his chances to start has played like a starter in the past the problem is that he has spent the last three season behind all star MLB, Elimian, Bighill, and McCune and he may be a better fit to Chris Brukdes defense then Jones'

Import receiver. Inman may have signed with the Chargers but with the emergence of Chiles last year are still very deep in talent.

Canadian Receiver Durie has gone from a hybrid to a unique 1,000 yard slot receiver and Spncer Watt has broke out last season so they are solid with the starters. Forgotten in that mix is[b] Mike Bradwell[/b]. Bradwell a great compliment to the two starters and a perfect 3rd Canadian receiver for the Argos. Can play all the receiver spots, has good hands, is a good bocking receiver, and also doubles as a good special teams player. Problem is he may be too good and could be a Canadian receiver that Ottawa may be targeting and for Bradwell would give him a much desrved shot at being a starter.

Walters will be a hott cmmodity as a kicker with a big leg who can do it all. With teams now more open to use a DI spot on a Kciker as the last tow grey cup Champs have shown just how important they could be. Plus for the Argos is that he as well as many kickers love to kick indoors and right now only BC can offer him that

the Loss of Epelle was eased with the late signing and immedite starting of Tyler Holmes back from the NFL. Keeping Van Zeyl and holmes are 3 top starting Canadian Oline man but leave the argos with little Canadian depth and eliminates the ability to use Van Zeyl or Holmes at RT in a 4 man Canadian Oline. Though it is not a priority with Wahigton, Sir Vincent, and Jariel King all three solis Import OTS.

The one position that the Argos need to seriously look at with the much injured Chad Kackert but that need will be filled most likley through NFL free agency rather than CFL FAs

QB. Lose Collaros and go back to plan A [u]Trevor Harris[/u] who still could be better than Collaros IMHO. Josh Portis also another great alternative.

Of course always looking to get better at each position there is no need to be hitting the FA market hard if they can retain thier own FA's

Mike Hogan has a piece on the latest Argo news. What I read into Jim Barker's comments are, McClune is as good as gone seeing he is 34 and the Argos have a good young CFL type MLB ready to step in Shane Horton. He might be only 215 lbs but has the speed to cover some backs out of the backfield as well as being a punishing tackler. Tonye-Tonye could get a look at MLB as well. Barker can't get in touch with Watkins so doesn't know if that is a sign that Pat has other plans or is just playing it cool.
Rempel and Robinson trying out with NFL teams is a bit of a surprise seeing Rempel's age and Robinson's lack of TE experience at the pro level. But more power to them. One year's salary in the NFL would be worth about three years in the CFL. Bradwell is back as expected and should be a valuable ST rotation guy. Waters still trying out with NFL teams and might have a shot as a punter IMO. Also Milanovich has his Coaching team in place which will be announced soon.
Argos are done at Erindale, so they are looking for a new practice facility. Maybe York University.
Barker has found a couple of players at a tryout in Atlanta that merit another look in TC.

IMO they are pretty set offensively if the season were to start tomorrow. Just need to find some depth at a few positions. Defensively there will be some competition for jobs in the defensive backfield and DE. But they have some pieces in place and some should be better with a year under their belt. I would think starters coming back who should be keepers are Mitchell and Laing at DT, Horton and Ball at LB and Black or Gabriel at safety. Watkins could be added to that group if he shows up. After that I don't think anybody else is guaranteed a starting position until they earn it in Training Camp.

Good job Jim. Never thought the Argos would be in the ball park to land Emry. A Ratio changer for sure. Probably means Cory Greenwood’s right’s will be traded now. I thought Scott Mitchell would end up in Ottawa. Hopefully he can start showing why he was picked second overall three years ago. That now gives them depth at all three OLine positions. Koch at Center, Mitchell at G or OT and Sewell at OT. They could also add another OLineman in the first round of the Canadian Draft.

Emery was obviously huge and with Yurichuk behind him and Black and Gabriel at safety that is very solid.
Mitchel will be the player everyone thought in Edmonton. Definate change of scenery with a well organized winning team and he will make up for the Loss of Eppelle.
With the flexibilty to move Van Zyle out to RT to give them fout Canadian Olineman Mitchell can slide right into Eppeles spot at RG.
Koch already acquired earlier a good young back up center. Remeber Keeping was though to be a dud until he came to Toronto the same will be for Mitchell.
Also having two starting import LT wahington and Rogers is a big help. Jariel King played well at RT untill they went with 4 Canadian Olineman. Going into the playoffs Rogers also saw time at RT as well.
Tyler Holmes also stepped right off the NFL practice rosters and right into the starting LG spot. As van Zely gets older Holmes may certainly pick up at RT as well.

Other needs were RB which they really could not get from CFL free agency but have already began addressin by bringing in 2 new imports.
If Waters does end up NFL bound they need to start the serach for possible replacment(s)

Hopefully Woodson is finally healthy and will be great for Game day roster to have a Canadian back up RB

Bradwell back into place as 3rd Canadian REC fits perfect again.

Almost forgotten in all of this is the late season acquiring Maybin at rush end. Milanovich wanted to just turn him loose but that did not fit Jones complex defense. I am sure that Burke and Milanovich will turn him lose mitchel on the inside and Hrton opposite Mabin at DE that is a tough front 7.

Emery also relevies the Argos of having a ratio spot on the Dline so the young Canadian Dlineman can rotate in at will.

Now we know why Barker couldn't contact Pat Watkins. Chris Jones probably had him locked in a Motel room so the Argos couldn't find him in case he would change his mind. :slight_smile:
But Waters resigns which is good news to help balance things in the kicking game in the Eastern Conference. Hamilton and Ottawa especially have the guys that can get three points from up to the fifty yard line.

Overall the Argos did a nice job with free agency.
Watkins was going to be a tough one and he did get away but not a surprise that he would follow Jones.

Shea Emery an uprade and ratio buster reason why Barker was probably kissing McCune good bye.

Bradwell re signed. He plays a great role for the Argos as 3rd Canadian receiver and good special teams player.

Walters re signing so quickly was shocking but they got there man back kicking 50 yard FG's Kick offs to the endzone and punts with tons of hang time that the Argos coverage teamers are used to now.

A quiet but important signing of Canadian Olineman Scott Mitchell. He cam in about the same tim as Eppelle. Playing for a good team should make a big difference for Mitchell. Eppelle went from potential bust after the 2011 season and into 2012 and by the end of the 2013 season was the startng right G. Mitchell will have his first expereince with a very good team and a nicely built Oline over the past two seasons.
Will most likley give the Argos the flexibility to start 4 Canadia Olineman the second half of the year. Also takes the pressure off the kid from Mac to ease into the system.

Love what the Argos have going up the middle of the defense now. Mitchel at DT. Emery and Yurichuk MLB, Black and Gabriel safety