argo's Extra Yard to shoot a 5th episode??

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the drastic quarterback change caused TSN, which last week had concluded shooting for its four-part documentary on the Argos, to keep filming through the game against the Lions in Vancouver on Saturday.

if they just wrapped up shooting last week, then maybe they do have the lemon outburst on film and hopefuly it makes episode 4.

I hope they have (and are allowed to show) what happened that night. That would make for interesting TV.

Kinda surprised the Argos let them continue honestly.

Watching the Argos self-destruct and turn on each other would be mildly entertaining--a lot more entertaining than their football games. They should fire coach Barker in a later episode in front of the cameras; it's the least the show's producers can do for the suffering Argo fans (and its players).

Would like to see the Ti-Cats and coach .Marcel Belleville's approach.

Marcel Bellefeuille