DO you really think that you are helping this twisted cause? 8)

Can YOU show US a post where I write… that I am NOT an ARGO FAN?

I believe that is ON TOPIC! Isn’t it?

I believe that is what YOU mentioned in your post here , near the end of this thred.

Geez. No comment...

I read the right article. While I still reserve the right to "agree to disagree" with you regarding the value of pre-season, I do offer an apolgy for inferring that you don't understand football and that you are narrow minded. Sometimes I think all of us on here (yes including me) get caught up in trying to defend our teams honor so to speak that we lose sight of the fact that all the posters on here share a common passion. The CFL.

I agree with you that personal attacks have no place on here and those that are not interested in discussing the game itself and related topics should find another forum to use. Lastly, we all need to remember that just as much as I have the right to my opinion and to voice it, other posters have the right to disagree and to voice that. If I don't like that or can't live with it, I don't have to come on here.

Go ahead and cheer for the Argos and I will cheer for the Eskimos and indeed we will see whose team is better as the season unfolds.


Well Said

I agree totally with you :smiley: …poster “Jeremy” and I have only had a problem with 3 posters here, at this site…THE REST ARE GREAT… and not RUDE as those others where. :smiley:

WE need ALL the CFL fans that we can get…we don’t need to scare posters, off.

As I wrote before, it was an ARGO written article :smiley: I was quoting them for the most part…BUT some one should check to see if pre season games count as part of winning or unbeaten streaks in the CFL and NFL.It would be interesting to find out.

The poster " gamebuster" was politie and got me to re think my postion.That is why my other response was NOT to him or the MOD…CHEERS. :smiley:


Thanks hellothere!

Long live the cfl ... Vivre le Lcf!

No problem , you were right .

THANKS to you to. :smiley: …merci :smiley:


Okay, maybe this is none of my business, but Hellothere, you need to get over yourself. I have been reading your posts now for like 2 weeks and every time it is like getting a tooth pulled. They rarely make a whole lot of sense, and for god's sake man.... no one is stalking you. Having a different opinion than you does not qualify as stalking. The "3" you refer to have yet, in my opinion, to be in the wrong. You said something braggin up the Argos (which is your right) and even shunning the Als', and they as Als' fans with the equal right to defend their team, said something back. It may have been smart assed at best, which tends to be the way of this forum, but then you turned that around to accusing them of close-minded ignorance. It seems to me that you are the close minded of the "3".

You also refer to others' comments about Toronto as nearing racism. Clearly you have a deep hatred for Montreal fans as you class them all as fans who bully others' and try to force their opinion onto everyone else. Isn't that a form of prejudice as well? Sounds to me like you got beat up by a few Montreal fans in your day.

ALSO, I congratulate your grandfather on drawing a boat. It was even kinda neat to hear the first time you wrote it. However, no one cares any more about the damn picture, and you sharing a few of the same genes as the guy who drew it does not make you a better fan! It just makes you the grandson of the guy who drew the picture.

Furthermore, I understand that you are married and not gay (as was light-heartedly suggested by Als_Molson??? after you had attacked him for his opinion) but why when you explain that you are married do you have to include her race. Are you bragging? Do you think being Married to a Japanese woman makes you superior? I am just confused. What difference does it make?

Alright, I am finished. I appologize if I hurt your feelings. I just needed to get that out. I really don't come on here to pick fights and insult people. I come on here to cheer on the Riders, but your posts about stalking and down with Als fans are getting really old. Please, in the future, understand that no one on here is stalking you! Thank you and good night.

Go Riders!!

P.S. I think it is great that you are a fan of the CFL and I hope you stay on the forum all season. Sometimes you say things that are insiteful and well thought out, but then you get all worked up about stalkers. Less stalkers, more insight. And I really do appologize if this offends you.

NO PROBLEM…but I really don’t think that you have read ALL the posts by those 3 people at this forum and I am not the only one…who has mentioned this.

TRY READING ALL OF THIS THREAD… :wink: , as just one example.

I have written that I love MONTREAL as a city and I would live there if it wasn’t for, the BLOC. In another post.

The MONTREAL football team is past it’s prime in my opinion…I am not the only person to writes that, here.

HERE, I wrote that most MONTREAL fans are cool. Did you read that?

I have also written , that MONTREAL has the best looking cheer leaders in the CFL .In another post.

Please show me all my posts that don’t make sense…some people here like what I say and actually understand it.

About TORONTO. The city itself has been made fun of by a few people here.

1 person wrote " I hate TORONTO and everything to do with TORONTO."

The ROGERS CENTRE was left out of 1 poll…about who has the CFL’S best stadium,and then made jokes about it…there are more examples…

It was may late FATHER who invented the BOAT LOGO…are you sure that you have read this whole thread.?

I have given many other reasons why I may know football in 1 of my posts, at this thread.READ the whole thread.

Who wrote that I was superiour because I have a JAPANESE wife?That was a joke? Now, that makes no sense at all.?

Sorry, you can’t offend me because you have mostly mention the bad stuff [and taken some of what I wrote out of context.] , and if you have read this whole thread you have made some big mistakes in your examples about some facts and the things that I wrote here. :wink:

I also don’t believe that you know the whole story.

A poster …gamebuster …and I , seen to have gotten along because he was polite and he helped my change my position , at this thread.

Sorry …I don’t post, just to impress you.

If you don’t like my posts or threads , then don’t read them. :wink:

Well written Dr.Rise, I believe you have the right take on the situation.
There were some personal insults thrown in both directions, which sometimes happen with passionate fans but it went too far. Hopefully it is over and we can cheer for our teams, boo the other team and stay civil while doing it from now on, at least that is my hope.

I like my take better, but this should end. :lol:

Hellothere, just one last point to prove how wrong you are again:

Last season, the New England Patriots made a record streak of 21 wins. These wins were achieved during the last 12 games of 2003 regular season, the 3 playoffs games in 2003 and the first 6 games of the 2004 regular season.

However, the Patriots lost 3 of their 4 preseason games in between the two seasons and that did not break their unbeaten streak. Why? Because preseason doesn't count in streaks!

Even at this CFL site …they have the HEAD LINE…at… the …HOME PAGE.


see : HOME page , ARGOS 34 , HAMILTON 31 :lol:

It is now at 15 with 2 of those games that where played in the 2005 pre season.

Why not quit ,while you are behind?


JUNE 17th 2005…if the story has moved check the ARGO NEWS archives.

SEE the title of the article AT THE POST below :roll:

THE ARTICLE IS CALLED....................


And the ARGOS did just that.

Don’t believe everything that you read in here… The home page also said last week that Ell Roberson was now the #2 QB in Montreal and that he would play most of the June 16 game… These informations were corrected in the articles after fans pointed out these statements contradicted what coach Matthews said all along.

Beside, every information in the “news” section of this site is copied/pasted from the teams sites. They don’t even bother about reformating it. So if the Argos say they have an unbeaten streak of victory, the CFL will post it that way.

whatever you say… :roll: WRITE the ARGOS and tell them that they are wrong as well, as you say the site is… :lol: