This article is from the ARGOS website

ARGOS Extend Unbeaten Streak in Historic Tilt :smiley:

and no, I didn't write the article :wink:

I guess the pre season means something in the CFL. :smiley:

Another way to put it would be:

The Argos just started a winningless streak.

But that is NOT the way it works in the CFL or the NFL........the pre season games count in both the CFL and NFL ,regarding winning streaks. :smiley:

If you don't agree complain to the CFL/NFL and/or the ARGOS.

It is also a streak of 16 games. :wink:

So I guess , THE ARGOS are 3 and 0 , as well.......after all. :smiley:

What no comments.

Why would I comment? Your post made no sense at all.

I told you the Argos' tied game could as well be seen as the beginning of a WINNINGLESS streak, and you tell me to complain to the league if I'm unhappy about preseason games being counted in streaks. What?

And that last part about the Argos being 3-0... what the hell does that refer to?

I believe you are often so eager to reply that you do not wait to find a connexion between what you want to say and what was just said before you post.

Other example: In that other thread about Ray's injury, I pointed out you doesn't seem to know who's the 2nd QB in Edmonton because you always refer to him as Moss. Then you replied something about how I don't know you (do I have to know you to notice you don't call a player by his proper name?) and "that we guys have had our butt kicked by an Argos fan"... ??? First, who is "we"? I was pretty much alone there. Second, who kicked my butt and about what? Third, even if I have had my butt kicked by anyone on some other topic, this remark was totally irrelevant to the fact you don't know Jason Maas' last name.

See my point? You just reply what you want to say without looking for a link with the previous post. Take your time, man. We're in no hurry here.

:lol: Sorry, I didn't relieze that you are this sites' critic and spelling teacher. :lol:

Maybe you should READ the ARGO article........they wrote it, not me.................... :lol:

And maybe you should have read my post about how both the CFL and the NFL count winning streaks :lol:

The ARGOS have not lost a game since the EASTERN FINAL when MONTREAL, choked once again. The ARGOS 3 and 0, got it now?....according to how winning streaks are counted by both the CFL and NFL.

And if you had bothered to read all my posts at this site you would see that I have written many things good about other teams.

I don't see you going that, but see just you stalking other people who don't agree with you , AL MOLSON and r01313........

The MOD here has already said "enough already"........what part of "enough already" , don't you understand? :lol: :roll:

Thank you for these additionnal examples, which prove my point.

I gotta agree with 3rd&10. I can't make any sense of what you're trying to say.

How are the Argos 3-0? They've played one game and it was a tie.

They didn't lose the Eastern Final. If they had, they wouldn't have played in the Grey Cup.

Sure the Argos have won x number of games in a row against Hamilton. I wouldn't be too proud of the game on Saturday...they didn't really look that great. As an Argo fan, I'm very concerned at how the team was unable to put an offensive TD up on the board.

For the record, I don't see stalking but a response being asked for and a response being given.


Okay so I read the article and there was not one mention of the pre-season meaning anything. As a matter of fact in the last paragraph it made reference to Clemon's light hearted demeanor during the game and assured fans that his fiery disposition will be back when the regular season starts because, and I quote "it is only pre-season after all".

No where did it mention anything about being 3-0. If you wish to interpret this as a winning streak in your own little convaluted way, so be it. Knock yerself out. I can assure you that no one on here or anywhere else who knows and understands football, be it CFL or NFL or whatever agrees with that interpretation.

Unfortunately for you, the thing that makes the exchange of ideas work is the ability to be open minded enough to accept the fact that others do not always agree with you. It is being able to consider another persons point of view and acknowledge when that point of view is right.

I applaud your loyalty to the Argo's and yes, they are the reigning Grey Cup champs and as such should be considered the team to beat until proven otherwise. Other than that they are the same as all the rest of the teams at this point. They have a bunch of guys in camp vying for jobs and they will use the ex games to help evaluate personnel.

Whether they win or lose those ex games might mean little or mean a lot, depending on what the coaches see. The last thing you and the rest that think that pre-season is some kind of magical indicator of how your team will look during the reg season is that everybody starts the year at 0-0!


Supertoe, are you a season ticket holder in Edmonton? If so, remind me to drop by your seat on October 15th for a real "Cheers" with an 8$ flat beer. :slight_smile:

Done, but you better let me pay for the second one.

Question: Why is a tie counted in a winning streak? doesnt a winning streak mean X number of WINS (not ties) in a row?

The thread starrted off with a statement about an unbeaten streak. Then somewhere along the way it got switched to winning streak. Too bad that happened as the correct wording would be unbeaten streak if there is a tie in the mix along with wins. I know you all know this but I thought it deserved mentioning anyway.

I am not an Argo fan, but I don't dislike the team either!

:lol: :lol: :lol:
:lol: :lol: :lol: The article which I was talking about IS called


That is the title of the article , written by the ARGO WEB site and NOT by me. :lol: :lol: :lol:

The article is below [to the left had side of] the new MAIN article titled

............"TRAINING CAMP 2005"

The article that I was talking about could be in the middle on, WEDNESDAY or later tonight. :lol:

YOU READ THE WRONG ARTICLE PART..... :lol: :lol: READ THE TITLE of the article , and then the first paragraph of the article that I was talking about in my thred. :lol:

Pre season games count for a teams winning streak in both the CFL and NFL.........I should have put 2 , 0 and 1.........however in this context .......................UNBEATEN... is what THEY call it. :lol: NOT ME!... I was repeating that part of the article.

As far as knowing football is concerned my late father invented the ARGO BOAT LOGO, and when I met with KEITH PELLEY, C.E.O. of the ARGOS , I presented him the the ORIDGINAL ART WORK, for that logo.

I have seen a CFL game in every stadium in CANADA , including the old EX ......McGILL and the BIG 0.........I have been to 12 GREY CUPS.

Including the 2004 GREY CUP , where 4,000 ARGOS came [on FRIDAY, 3PM to 6pm] and the MONTREAL party was almost empty[on game day]. I did manage to get A.C. 's autograph on a picture of him.......he is a nice, GUY.

But NOT the best CFL Q.B. in CFL history, YET. That would be ALLEN.....and I think he still has 1 more great year in him.

The ARGOS hadn't had a party in years , so I guessed that the MONTREAL party would be the best party on game day. It was still fun 3 quarters empty.

My first GREY CUP ,was when I was 8 years old........and I played football since I was 8 years old to 18 years old and have coach serveral pee wee teams to championships.

I have had ARGO seasons tickets since 1989.

What is truly sad is that some MONTREAL fans here are such SORE LOSERS that they will bully others to try to prove incredibley stupid things.

They just can't deal with the fact that the ARGOS may not be pass there prime as a team, but most likely the MONTREAL, team is.

And the jealousy , pettiness of towards certain areas of CANADA written here [by a small few] is just mind blowing.

Some of the comments about TORONTO border on racism.

  1. I have never put down another person here, until I was attacked or was responding to a RUDE comment by some very immature unhappy posters who hide behind the comuter.

  2. I have also written many,many posts about the great news for OTHER CFL teams and the CFL ........ITSELF..............It is not my fault the ARGOS beat both MONTREAL and B.C. to be the GREY CUP CHAMPS.............

GEZZZZZZZZ.....some people are so petty that they can't even by happy for OTTAWA, winning a game...........WTF? Given their situation......and I thought pre season meant nothing , or at least that is what some posters write :lol:


If MONTREAL had won 2 ex. games , their attitude would be quite different to some fans.

Don't some of YOU think?

All of a sudden pre season would suddenly mean something. :lol:

MONTREAL, is not the team that it once was , they don't have a proper back Q.B. and if A.C. goes down , their season could be over.

MONTREAL are almost the BUFFALO BILLS of the CFL....they have proven that they can't win that BIG GAME, most of the time. 8)

I really don't care if you believe me or not. :lol: This is part of my life. :lol:

And I don't care if you don't like my opinion.....TOO BAD......will see who is right... soon enough.This is supposed to be fun .......NOT an attack on your follow Canadians.......some of you give the CFL a bad is only a GAME. :roll:

This post was written as a response to MOST of you here , except ...the MOD......... and .....gamebuster [who makes a great point]. :wink:

I understand that but "Third and Ten" is a jerk like those other 2 that I mentioned to you. :smiley:

You know.......a MONTREAL fan ......who may be in deneil and I know that MOST MONTREAL fans are really cool people. Those 3 are not.

You just cant stop contradicting yourself in one post you say youre no fan of the argos but you dont like them then only a few posts later you say that you presented the original artwork for their logo? That is being a fan of a team Id never do any favors to a team I wasnt a fan of.

:lol: unbelievible least I read and comment on the RIGHT article part........... :lol:

I didnt read either article but way to change the topic