Argos extend QB Chad Kelly w/ three-year deal

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts announced on Thursday that quarterback Chad Kelly has signed a three-year contract extension with the club.

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So…the NFL dream has finally died for Kelly?

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If he gets any kind of chance to play in NFL, I think he will take it

I think given his age that the NFL is a long shot but agree that he would try it if given the chance. If you look at what happened to Streveler and Rourke’s current status I can’t see Kelly doing any better.

Does anyone know the value of his new contract ?


I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this happens shortly after Rouke going through waivers and unclaimed despite a solid pre season plus being 4 years younger.

Also… when this contract is over (assuming it goes to the full duration of course), Rourke’ age will be about where Kelly’s now… maybe the Argos next target :smiley:

Nice try. Everyone knows that when Rourke’s contract is up that Zach will be ready to retire and that Nathan will be joining the Bombers.

This is good news for the CFL, everyone complaining about the lack of quality QBs, but now we have a quality QB deciding to stay in the CFL and sign a three year contract.

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I bet they paid him a ton of money to stay.

You don’t sign a 3-year contract unless the $$$ is really, really good.

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Great decision by the Argos and Kelly. Good for the CFL/


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His agent says Kelly will be the highest paid player in the CFL. Zach Collaros is getting $600,000 in hard money. Is Kelly getting more than that, or is the agent including incentives that are not likely to happen?

He will be the highest paid player in the league according to Farhan.

There’s a 250K signing bonus due in 2024 but it wouldn’t apply if he signed with an NFL during the window. Not sure if the same provision applies in 2025

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This is pocket money for MLSE. Unfortunately it sets a pattern where all the other teams will have QBs asking for similar contracts but unable to afford it. CFL is becoming a couple of elite teams and the others second tier. This will destroy casual fan interest.

It may be pocket money for MLSE, but they still have to adhere to the salary cap like any other team. Paying Chad this amount will cost them one or two other star players they will no longer be able to fit under the cap.

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Good for Kelly and the Argos, and ultimately the CFL. I believe he will live up to the dollars and deliver quality the club (and league) can build around.

four out of nine teams cheated the salary cap last year. (or was it the year before? no, I think it was last year).

either way, tough to suggest the CFL has a salary cap with a straight face.

True to an extent but I don’t think cheating the cap for $100,000 or less is a game changer. There are other ways to cheat the cap such as off the books payments or free housing, cars, etc. My Bombers were the most over last year but it was only $60,000 or so. Your Cats and the Argos cheated the coaches cap in recent years by bringing in “consultants” which I would argue is even more advantageous than having the equivalent of one more minimum salary special teamer.

It does appear that the cap or really two caps aren’t enforced very well at times and there is certainly room for improvement.

oh I agree that it’s wide spread…but truthfully the CFL should do away with this farce of a soft cap…it’ll improve the game much more than ANY other of these discussed changed to improve the game.

want to get more fans? improve the game. want to improve the game? pay more.

Good for the Argos and Kelly. For the CFL, not so much.

I’m not sure what I think. I don’t like the operations cap for sure but I think there needs to be a player cap. Before there was teams got into trouble all the time paying a million dollars to the likes of Flutie and Ishmail. No player cap would also mean no equalization payments. It might also skew the balance in favour of rich teams and make it difficult for poor teams to compete a la baseball. A player cap works well for the NFL, NHL and NBA and arguably made the NHL the financial success it is today so I don’t think I want to see that go in principle.

Fair enough.

But that is truly capping the quality of the league, more so then any other single factor.