Argos Extend K. Joseph's Contract!

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Surprised, I didnt think he played well last year at all. I wonder if this limits Printers options now. Why extend Joseph and sign C.P. as well. Printers is probably headed to the Peg or BC. Oh well.


that IS surprising. Joseph hasn't played well since the playoffs BEFORE GC 2007! IMHO he's overrated.

they'll sign Printers and hold a press conference to announce both...

I hear you. Bart Andrus must see something in the Kerry Joseph of 2008 that I don't. He's better than nothing I guess and that apparently is what's out there.

Isn't that what they did last year? Sign Bishop to an extension and trade for Joseph at the same time, and then swear that they were going with a 2-QB system?

Ahh, the memories. It would all be sweeter if our team wasn't equally messed up.

Is it me or was the Future Shop commercial featuring Josepth and Lumsden the kiss of death. Both played poorly and are injury prone. If Porter or Prechase have an opportunity to be featured in another Future Shop commercial - take a pass.

Whatever Joseph has SSK got the best out of him.
KJ is on the other side of the hill, imo. with no credible backup.

Argos have plugged some holes, improved in some areas but they lost alot of talent too then there's the dysfunctional front office and NFLE refugee coaching staff. So lets's not quake in our boots over the Argos just yet.

You are correct Zontar. Sure, they've added some quality players in Picard, Murphy, and Moreno.........but many of the problems from last year have not been addressed, the coaching staff is a question mark, lack of a backup QB should something happen to Joseph (and, like you, I think he's on the downside of his career), no Byron Parker, no Dominique Dorsey.........

LMAO!!! Good one Crash!!!!! :slight_smile:

Is Printers going to lower his price, If CP can do this I'm sure hes going to backup on some team. It would be a great move for the right team, and if Casey can get his act together it would be Calvellio all over again. :oops: :oops:

why do we care about argos headlines.. really

I love how on TSN this guy said everyone better get there season tickets.
for 1. The only fan base they have is corprate sponsor people and business men
2. why spend that much money on tickets to see a sub par 500. team?