Argos extend four, including DL Robbie Smith

TORONTO — The Toronto Argonauts have extended Canadian DL Robbie Smith, Canadian OL Dariusz Bladek, Canadian LB Alex Chevrier and American DL Dewayne Hendrix.

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It’s reports that Blazdek will be the highest paid OL in CFL in 2022 , don’t know how they say that when free agency is yet to come ? Typical Argos have to overpay people to play there

Didn’t pay much attention to Bladek this season, but he was notorious for pre-snap penalties with the Riders. He’s a bit over-rated/hyped imo.
Might be one of the highest-paid OL so far, but won’t be for long. There’s 48 other potential FAs, many of whom are a damn sight better.