Argos excited for next chapter after Eastern Final loss

TORONTO —  A day after their loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in the Eastern Final, the Toronto Argonauts reflected on the season that was while expressing their excitement for the next chapter.

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I just love the spirit of the Tiger Cats and their fans. Toronto can try to deflect their loss by beating up on the fans and then try to claim the future is theirs - but so can every other CFL team. Oskee-wee-wee forever!

For the love of all professional sports optics please do not close off an entire section off of a very small stadium . CFL and TSN should know better .

Saturday , Friday , Thursdays nights in the summer are fine but

Tarp the corners of each upper deck and get the marketing department a little more focused .

Sunday afternoon games from September onward to the end of the season with all the hoopla of fall football .

Argos may be excited....but they dropped the ball again....they need a QB....a consistent QB....and a consistent RB too. And they need to find a way to get people out to the get back behind the Argos like it was years ago when going to an Argo game meant something....and it was fun to go....I hope the next Argo bounce is truly a bounce back to better days....

Hamilton has the team AND the fans....yes Hamilton doesn't have MLB or NBA or NHL to compete with for the sports entertainment $....but the Hamilton fans love their their team....I hope the Tiger Cats win the Grey Cup on their home field....Hamilton deserves nothing less

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I admire the true grit and determination of MBT. To quote "We had to finish the game because you don't get a win from leading at halftime :exclamation: Football games are usually decided in the second half. The TSN turning point was the 92 yard punt return by Papi White with 9:41 left in the third frame. The Argos lost the battle in the trenches and the result was a 27-19 victory for the Hamilton Tiger Cats :bangbang:

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