Argos @ Esks GDT

That opening drive for EE way too easy.
Gable's TD was like flag football as he was not touched until deep into the secondary.
I hope the bugs are out on the Defense.

Reilly looks possessed tonight and Gable looks like he's fitting in great with that offense.

Hey, why doesn't Edmonton put some end zone bleachers like this since they have a big track like the LA Coliseum?. Seems to make sense to me to do this:

What the heck just happened with Reilly's TD run, the dbacks fell asleep that's what.

They do not even sell or fill enough of the the sideline seats.

Why would they want to expand endzone seats no body would want ?

I like the call 3rd and 5 with the HC going for it, but the play of a swing pass then the receiver having to advance the ball and get tackled is plain stupid.

Our D has to play man on Zylstra as the kid is too dangerous against the zone.

After being gifted that last second PI call, you have to make that make able FG.

what did I miss on Mass losing the roughing the passer challenge with the Argo defender making contact with Reilly's helmet ?
it looked similar to the RTP on the Rider D last night with AC Lenard on Trevor Harris.

What a concept, instead of the dink and dunk nonsense tonight, RR goes vertical and we get a TD.

Great play by John Chick to seal the deal for Edmonton

We had a chance, another late good drive for the tie or possibly a win....but.

Attaboy, Esks

Had to tape this one, just ended watching it, wow another fantastic game, totally entertaining. Congrats to the Esks, Gable is really fitting in nicely in their offensive schemes. Reilly a beast with that td. Green a monster for the Double Blue. Just a treat to have watched this one.

brihind88, just thinking some bleacher type removeable seating in the endzone would bring fans closer to the game there and you put these up real cheap like say $5.00-$10.00 for young people, well, I don't know, it might help attract some younger people to the games.

Argos horrible record against the west is what's killing them. If they had managed even 2 more wins against the west (not unreasonable as it would only put their record at 3-5) they would be 3 points up on Ottawa and have secured 1st in the east last week.

Not good enough to only be able to beat half the league if you want to be a contender. Not having Wilder really hurts them too.

If ifs and buts were candy and nuts....

Not excuses just pointing out the Argos biggest downfall this season.

I get your point.

I just remember sitting in end zone seats.

Sighting sucks. Really can not see plays unfold.