Argos dump Mohns, Gorrell

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Not surprising really......

surprising is Rita is still employed

Cheers to dumping Mohns. Jeers to retaining Rita, and to this rusty tailpipe.

Overdue shuffle, Rita is another story because he coached the Argo,s to a G.C. and they have to show some loyalty NO?

Loyalty? Football is a business. Stubler's defense gave them their last Grey Cup, and you saw how 'loyal' Rita was to him. Reap as you sow. :cowboy:

True about Stubler, did he retire from football?

Or they're being cheap and don't want to pay Rita and his replacement. Mohns' and Gorrell's contracts had expired while Rita still has one more year on his.

One step at a time...

Looks like Mohns is the scapregoat. Nice...

I don't know. I haven't heard word one about him since he was fired. It's a shame that he had to exit the league like this. He was a quality football mind who brought some complex but innovative thinking to Toronto's match defense. Stubler proved that with the right personnel, you could play a cerebral, bend-but-don't break defense and concede the run and still have success.

That D totally shut down DMac,s Quick release offence-they would give up lots of running Yard,s but few points.

Like most have said, this dismissal was expected but the one they forgot is Rita.
I know he is well respected by Braley so that saved his skin.
Hopefully Tillman will come in as director of pp and then move into the GM position next year.

with the argos new owner owning 2 CFL teams at once, i dont even want to think of the negative media the argos would receive for bringing in tillman.

Rita should have been fired too! Must have incriminating pictures of some one doing ..................

I don't think there would be, but to avoid the full exposure I would have Eric working this year in the background only as director of pp and then bring him into the full GM mode next year.

One could see the coming from a Mile away ..
These two are Scape Goats
One could only hope they find jobs on other Teams Some where
the new AFL is Hiring ..

Saw it coming 100 miles away, problem it was coming at 1 mile per hour...

To my friends who support the Argos:

The positives of having David Braley as your team's owner:

  • he brings stability, deep pockets, keeps his nose out of personnel decisisons, and has an undying love for the CFL.

The negatives of having David Braley as your team's owner:

  • a staunch supporter of Adam Rita as CFL GM (for some unknown reason). Even though Rita ran the Lions into the ground and had a tepid relationship with the media, it took Bobby Ackles' considerable influence to get him fired. Also, you can forget about a 25,000 - 30,000 seat stadium getting built. Mr. Braley has a thing for large stadiums that pay dividends for Finals and Grey Cups.

After the two horrible seasons to include the decision making whether their own or involved in the process for the numerous coaches, the lack of recruiting etc.
I could go on.
Everyone should have been fired, including Rita.