Argos Dismantle The DLine

You’d think Toronto would realize it was the OLine, not the DLine, that needed to be overhauled. But the Argos are completely blowing up the front four.

Cory Stone - - Fired
Adriano Belli - - Retired
EJ Kuale - - Cut
Armond Armstead - - Released
Ron Flemons - - Cut
Ricky Foley - - Free Agent

So that leaves Kevin Huntley, Zander Robinson and David Lee as all that’s left of the DLine right now. Maybe Ego Jones plans on using a couple of guys from the secondary at DE this year - - makes perfect sense considering his disdain for sacks and constant desire to have pass rushers dropping back into coverage.

They are not really blowing up the line by design. They knew Belli was just back for the short term. Kuale and Armstead wanted to try the NFL. Flemons maybe could have been kept as a swing man, but they can find a cheaper rookie to fill that role. Ricky Foley is a free agent and will only be back if he wants to take a pay cut. So he will probably move on.
I wouldn't be surprised to see Huntley walk the plank as well. He doesn't seem to be able to play at a consistent high level, but could still be able to be part of a rotation if they go with a bunch of rookies.

You'd think you could cut Toronto some slack and stop with the stupid nickname for Jones, with your team being the defending Grey Cup champions and all. :roll:

I agree. I suppose I should thank you for finally changing your sigfile, now that Garber has been off the Bomber payroll for months. But your guys won the Grey Cup!! Why can't you celebrate that instead of dumping on someone else every time you post?

I think having Ricky Foley's brother calling his coach names and outing out Stein as a snitch and then have them go and win the GC is the most surreal thing I've seen on this forum since 2005.

Just like Jones did with the DBs he will do with the Dline. Remember the Argos released LinJ shell and south no to resigne Bryon Parker in the D backfield and he brought in three first year CFL import players. Watkins was an NFL 5 year vet playing a top role with the Cowboys as a Nickel Back was an All star for the Argos at CB. Pacino Horne was found in one of Jones tryout camps but was spotted in the Arena League. Ahmaad Carrol a former top pick in the NFL now older and played UFL and Arena staying in football shape and Jones took a shot that paid of that he had one year left in him while they groom one of the younger imports he brought in. Younger was kept on board at Safety to be the glue but will most likley be replced by Matt Black now.
He will do the same for the Dline. There are literally a few hundred D lineman out there that have spent some time in the NFL that will be looking to the CFL if they were not resigned by an NFL team last year that he has most likely been in contact with since the end of the season. Then there is the Arena League players who needed some seasoning after college that he has had his eye on during Arena workouts. Then there will be the lifer bubble players who will have exausted their NFL practice squad eligibility in 2011 and could not land a roster spot with an NFL team being out of work all last football season that he has on the neg list that will be signed. Others will be in the Arena League in which he will grab before the arena league starts or catch some game film from the Arena in live action and grab them up as they will turn out to be way too good for the Arena but just miss NFL which lands them right in the middle of the CFL mix.
For me I think they need to find at least on NI Dlineman to rotate on the interior. Last year Armstead logged alot of Minutes but he was young and very rested and really an NFL first rnd draft pick so they could get away with it
On the OLine they grabbed that Arena league guy in Tony washington to anchor the LT for the Ray era. They will continue to develop the NI draft picks. They brought in Reinders cut from the NFL again in Mid Season and will be a front runner for an for RG replacing veteran Parentueau. with Eppelle who started in the Grey cup now a CFL startr at LG. Jeff Keeping at center may be the only spot that they may be looking for to replace. NI Van Zyle is set at RT. As much as a bad wrap the Oline got they did win the grey cup.

Not a chance. Why do you think your beloved Alouettes had no interest in bringing him back as the HC? They had enough of his pompous arrogance the first time around. Just like the rest of the league has no interest in hiring him as a HC.

Funniest thing was that once he realized he had ZERO chance at getting the job in Montreal, Jones declared to everyone that he was withdrawing his name from the list if candidates. Classic example of the "you can't fire me, I quit!" strategy. What a feeble attempt to save face. Pure ego - - that's why he's Ego Jones.

It is a known fact how the D line was not pressuring enough and from memory had the worst or near worst sack and pressure the QB totals in the league.

Bomber Fan may not have appreciated last year's signature, but there's no denying that it was absolutely spot on accurate. Chip Garbage was a complete disaster. Big ups to the Bombers for realizing this and dumping him when they did.

Unfortunately for Bomber Fan, Crowton is still around for another year. Remember what I said last year when he was hired - - the longer Crowton runs an offense the worse it progressively gets. That's been the same everywhere he's been, and Winnipeg will be no exception.

And as I've explained numerous times, that's entirely because of Ego Jones and his pathetic scheming.

How can a DLineman pressure the QB when he has to drop into coverage? It defys logic to expect any kind of pressure from a guy who's 20 to 25yds away from the QB.

And then there was the completely senseless insistence on an 8 or 9 man rotation for the DLine. EJ Kuale was terribly miscast as a rush end - - and after three years in the CFL he still has ZERO sacks. David Lee's a nice guy, but there's no way an undated CIS rookie to bring any kind of pass rush ability.

It's going to be hilarious to see what happens if the Argos bring in Odell Willis...the only game Willis has is to try and rush the passer by jumping the snap count. How do you thunk he'd do dropping into coverage? Willis would be in full meltdown before Labour Day.

LOL. . . it's pretty rich, you accusing Chris Jones of having an ego.

Maybe, but that wasn't my point. My point was that both your old and new signatures display an unaccountable determination to be negative about other people's teams when you have every right and reason to be happy about your own. Why is that your preference?

Ask the same question to all the Kitty Cat fans who wear "Argos Suck" buttons, shirts, ect.

...easy, 'cause he's an insufferable delta bravo that you personally would not hang out with but can't help who he is...

There's nothing "unaccountable" with my signatures. In fact, it's the opposite - - to hold people accountable for the foolish babble spouted in the off season.

Remember last off season when Winnipeg Fan dismissed and scoffed at my comments on the Bombers impending disaster...same deal this off season as Rider Fan has declared his team to be "odds on favourites" based on the trade for a 38yr old receiver and the hiring of an idiot savant as the OC.

Everytime I post on these forums my signature is there to serve as a reminder of my commentary from the off season. More importantly, it's a reminder to others of how wrong they were to doubt me.

Like I said, it's pretty rich for YOU, of all people, to accuse Chris Jones, or anyone else for that matter, of having an ego.

I think you'll be Ego 51 from here on .

Ha, I seriously thought about starting an Ego 51 thread not unlike the already created Mikem Bills in Toronto is a failure thread. Maybe we should start a thread called mikem "Bills in Toronto" vs area 51 "Ego Jones" and debate which users posts are more hilarious and off topic.

Well after the Argos do everything they can to win in thier hometown last year I can't understand why ego 51 has an issue with Riders trying to do the same? And to change your avatar based on what Turkeybend said, who is know for his humor on this site, well points to a lack of a sense of humor and/or humility. I'm sure he is out there kicking puppies as I type this.

Too bad you couldn't enjoy the GC win, kinda of a waste hey :thdn: . To the true Argo fans enjoy the win as soon we Rider Nation will celebrate the first GC win in the next 100 year GC stretch with many more to come. :thup:

Wow, starbuck. . . "Ego 51" and "humility" in the same paragraph.

Not likely to see that very often, I believe.

If by "dismissed and scoffed" you mean "failed to submit instantly and without question" then I plead guilty, Ego 51. I confess I like to make up my own mind and not be told what to think by someone who can't even win gracefully. Sorry.